Untitled: October 11, 1995

I took this photo from a boat while visiting New York City for my birthday in 1995.


New York's majestic twin towers

When I visited again in 2004, I could not bring myself to turn my camera skyward, into the nothingness where the towers once stood. People who had never seen them up close and personal¬† stood in awe at Ground Zero, unable to comprehend this giant open space in the middle of New York City. As an American born in New York, I found the destruction of the towers and killing of innocent people to be a personal attack on my sensibilities. I cannot understand what anyone hoped to accomplish by the murder of so many people, in the name of a religion which can be translated into the word “peace”.

There will be no cycling news from us today. No camping gear reviews. Just a few words, and the image above. This is how I choose to remember New York, and the towers.

– Brian

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Well said, my friend!

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