March 3, 2024
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Been using these for about 6 months I think is a great value, and I have more gears from them now.


I have been considering getting a pair of bibs and these are at the top of my list. I have purchased several items from Aero Tech Designs for my family in the past and have been impressed by the quality. I got to meet the owners at a charity ride and found them to be very proud of their products and and being a local business makes me want to support them even more.


I like mine, more or less, good commuting short. Quality is better than expected.

The fit is snug, sometimes I wonder if it’s too snug but then the next size up seems like it would be too big. Still trying to decide if I like the pad or not. It’s not as soft as what I’m used to in a pad (not that I’m expecting a diaper), but maybe I’m just sensitive!


I have been wanting to get these. I enjoy their pro shorts and classic shorts. I recently bought a cycling jacket from them as well and it turned out to be a great purchase. I like the fact they don’t charge outrageous prices either. Made in the USA is also a plus, I can buy something durable while supporting my country’s economy. =) Nice review!


I have a pair of these myself and I absolutely love them. I will be buying another pair in the future!

Ed Decker

I been using them since last year. I get alot of wear out of them . I highly recommend them to everybody. I been using Aero Tech products for 3 years an I haven’t had any problems with nothing.

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