Affiliate/Review Policy

Products reviewed on this site are not chosen by our advertisers (even in the case of a sponsorship agreement), nor do the brands making the products have any input on our reviews. I’ve chosen products that meet our quality standards, in order to share them with our readers. When I find products that would be of interest to my audience, I request them from either the manufacturer or a distributor. Through years of attending tradeshows, I’ve made many marketing and PR friends. They know the site, and understand our demographic. As such, they are also frequently in a position to offer products for consideration. Even then, it’s something I choose to review out of personal interest. I turn down far more offers than I accept.

After the review process is complete, some products are returned, and some are purchased. Any time a product is provided for testing and evaluation, there is a disclosure at the conclusion of the article, per FTC Guidelines.

In order to be considered for review, a product should meet the following criteria:

  • Be of interest to the readers
  • Be relevant to the site
  • Offer sufficient value and quality for the price

In addition, I prefer companies that demonstrate respect for their employees and the environment. This has put me at odds with some of the biggest names in the sporting goods/outdoor industry, and I’m okay with that. Our readers are free to choose where to spend their money. But I won’t knowingly point them in the direction of a company whose policies I disapprove of. Likewise, I’m willing to showcase vegan products, but also understand the importance of managing natural resources. This includes the sustainable harvesting of wildlife. Having mutual respect for different opinions is one of the cornerstones of a civilized society.