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The Industry Outsider crew discovered Bucklegear at the Outdoor Retailer show last summer. We spoke with Kent Hernandez, the owner of the company, for quite a while and came away really impressed.  Bucklegear is a smaller company, but these guys are making some unique, quality, affordable gear.  Bucklegear is based in the Midwest and they aim to take care of their customers.

The Bucklegear Molle accessory Straps come in many colors and use a 1 inch wide by 48 inches long webbing.  You can get the straps with a side release buckle or the standard slide bar cinch style.  Use the straps to cinch gear to the outside of your pack or to secure a rolled up sleeping bag.  There are a ton of uses for straps like these around basecamp, car camping or around the house.  Both styles in solid colors sell for $9.99  A camo side release buckle version is available for $13.99.  Assembly takes place in Elburn, Illinois, USA.

Bucklegear Molle accessory Straps
Bucklegear Molle accessory Straps

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Sternum straps come on most backpacking style packs and they really add comfort to the strap system.  These straps can break for lots of reasons and Bucklegear makes a few styles of sternum strap replacements.  The Quick Connect Pro Sternum Strap uses ¾ inch military spec webbing and it attaches to 1 inch wide shoulder straps.  All components are made in America and assembled in Elburn Illinois.  The Universal Backpack Sternum strap also uses ¾ inch webbing and installs with no sewing.  The Big Universal Sternum Strap uses 1 inch wide webbing and a dual ladder lock buckle.  It comes with 4 slide locks for multiple setup options.  Prices are the sternum straps are $11.99 for the Pro and Big and $9.99 for the Universal.

The Backpacking Gear Hangers are super handy.  I‘ve carried a homemade contraption like this for years.  When setting up camp, I hang my backpack from a tree to hold it in place while setting up.  The Bucklegear setup holds multiple pieces of gear and it weighs 5 ounces.  Wrap the gear hanger around a single tree or suspend it between two trees.  Your stuff securely organized up off the ground.  The Backpacking Gear Hanger sells for $11.99 and it comes in black.

Bucklegear sells a range of backpack repair hardware, webbing, buckle belts and more.  I think you can trust these guys to take care of you and deliver on quality.  Click HERE to browse over to the Bucklegear website and give them a look.


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