Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles

Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles
Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles

Cascade Mountain Tech has sent us these ultra-light carbon fiber trekking poles and they win on so many levels. Great quality that at a great price! They are made of 100% carbon fiber which allows for strength and weight reduction, so they weigh less than 8oz. The “twist lock” mechanism makes it easy to adjust the height of the poles, a necessary feature if you are a trekker and are going uphill or downhill, so you can maintain the correct angle. They have a nice cork handle and neoprene straps that are quite comfortable on your hands and wrists. The included tungsten carbide tip is durable for use on terrain such as ice, and there are also rubber caps for general hiking, rubber boots for walking if that‘s your thing, and twist-on style mud, sand, and snow baskets. Every aspect of the poles has been considered, and Cascade Mountain Tech made sure to deliver a great product.

While using the Cascade Mountain Tech trekking poles I enjoyed the cork handles which allow for better grip especially in warmer weather. The adjustable straps around the handle have a simple design and comfortable features that didn‘t cause irritation to my hands or wrists. The telescoping poles are really nice and have proven quite sturdy so far. This feature has also made for easy storage and quick adjustments while trekking. There are 3 sections that are adjustable and they allow the length to go from 27 in/69 cm all the way up to 54 in/137 cm. They have anti-shock springs that are nice for longer treks but they can be locked out by simply turning counterclockwise on the upper shaft if you prefer. I also let my father borrow these poles to get his opinion and both of us enjoyed how well they performed and the experience we had while using them.

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If you‘re new to trekking with poles, these are an outstanding option. They perform well, even against poles that cost far more. It’s hard to believe they sell for less than $30. Cascade Mountain Tech makes some excellent products and they have a high rate of customer satisfaction. If you go to their website they have how-to videos to explain the specific features of their products, including these poles. Find them at Costco, or directly from Cascade Mountain Tech.

– Josh

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles for free from Cascade Mountain Tech in consideration for review publication.

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