Check out the Coast BX315 Lock-Back

I recently was given the Coast BX315 Lock-Back knife to do as a guest review, and I must say I’m impressed with the build quality and materials used in its production. At 8.625 inches when open, and weighing in at only 3.6 ounces, it is a good size knife for tackling all of your cutting needs and its light weight make it hardly noticeable while carrying.

First, the 3.25 inch drop point blade is made of  9Cr18 stainless steel which is easy to sharpen and holds a nice edge. The blade arrived very sharp out of the box, so I left it as is, to perform various cut tests. Paper, cardboard, and nylon rope offered very little resistance, and I even used it to whittle away at a piece of wood until I had a spear head. During my brief but rigorous test, I did not have to sharpen it, which is a plus.

The blade lock is a basic, lock-back mechanism, which keeps it solidly locked in the open position. Even when I was stabbing and hacking into a log, I never felt as if the lock would fail. There is also jimping (notches) on the top of the blade to rest your thumb while performing cuts, which helps to prevent slipping. There is no thumb stud or hole in the blade for easy opening, which is not a criticism, but merely an observation. Also there is no pocket clip on this knife, it is intended to be worn on your belt in the included nylon case, or you can put it in your tool box or even just carry it in a pocket.

Coast BX315 Lock-Back Knife

As for the handle, it is outstanding. It’s made of thick, non-slip thermal plastic rubber (TPR), and is designed for maximum comfort and control. The first time I held it, it seemed to have been made for me. There are grooves in the handle where your middle and index finger rest, as well as much smaller grooves further down on the handle where your other fingers rest. These smaller grooves appear to be there to create friction, which translates into better grip and control than if that area was smooth. While cutting, the rubber grip is comfortable and slip resistant so it instills a sense of confidence that your blade will stay firmly in your grasp during anything you are doing. While my hands are not really large, they are not small either, so to see if it were comfortable for people with smaller hands, I handed it off to my wife to see what she thought. “Perfect” is all she said.

The Coast BX315 has a suggested retail of under $30, making it ideal for an every day carry blade that will see rough use. With its durable construction, plus decent fit and finish, it’s a good value and is definitely worthy for consideration.

-Phil B.

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