Coast HP3R: 245 Lumens from a Penlight!

Boasting a 245 lumen high beam, the HP3R penlight by Coast is incredibly powerful for its size. Is that too much light for you? Then simply click the on/off button twice and you are running at a cool 26 lumens. Two options not enough for all of your flashlight needs? Then twist the focusing end of the penlight and you can quickly change the beam from flood to spotlight or anywhere in between. This light is perfect for anyone. If your profession requires a flashlight to see in tight spaces or to’¯light up an entire work area, Coast has what you need.

The’¯H3PR’¯is so’¯lightweight, durable, and adjustable I take it with me wherever I go. At 5.8 inches, and 1.8 ounces, you’ll hardly notice it. Until you need it. And then it really shines. I found the flood beam extremely handy while walking the streets of Antigua, Guatemala on a recent medical mission, then used the spotlight often while on a multi-day camp trip in the Adirondacks.’¯’¯The number of uses is endless thanks to its power and portability.


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Don’t worry about burning through batteries either. The HP3R comes with a fully rechargeable Li-Polymer battery. You can plug it in at the end of your shift and it will be charged and ready for another day’s use in the morning. Additionally, the charging mechanism has an automatic stop built in so it won‘t overcharge and ruin the battery. One of my favorite’¯features is that Coast uses a micro USB charging port. They include a charge cable for use in wall or USB charging but because it is the common charge port size you don‘t have to worry if you lose it. Should it come down to it, the H3PR can run on alkaline batteries as well. You will never be without light.

Overall, this is an incredible all around flashlight. With such a versatile light available, you no longer have an excuse to be caught in the dark. For more information, visit the Coast website.


I’d like to thank Coast Portland for providing their HP3R LED flashlight for this review. It’s been a welcome and trusty companion on all my travels.

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