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If we could go back in time and show a DeskCycle to someone living before the computer age, they‘d probably think it was quite pointless and funny even. But some reports estimate that eighty percent of American jobs today are sedentary jobs. The chances then are pretty good then that those of you reading this review have desk jobs, or what I like to call “death jobs”. These types of careers can be detrimental to your health if you aren‘t providing your body with enough physical activity outside of your work environment. The American lifestyle has changed a lot since we went from computers that filled entire rooms to today where it would be a challenge to find someone who didn‘t own their own personal computer. Those days are long gone, and so are the days where we have to accept that our jobs be sedentary, thanks to the DeskCycle.

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Made for the work environment, the DeskCycle is a device which you can imagine as a bike with its handlebars, seat, and wheels removed, but much quieter. Its patented magnetic resistance mechanism keeps the DeskCycle as quite as a mouse, thus providing a distraction-free way to burn calories and increase your energy level as well as your metabolism. Standing at just 10 inches high, the DeskCycle will work under desks as low as 27 inches.

DeskCycle desktop display stand

When I got the DeskCycle, I worried about a few things. First of all, I am a tall guy at 6 feet 2 inches, and wondered if it would work for me, both of us being so large. (It’s 24″ long, 20″ wide at the front, 15″ at the rear, and the pedal height tops out at 10″) I was pleasantly surprised that it fit under my desk, and still left room for my legs to go through the full range of rotation. After I set it up (Note: assembly is very simple and all the tools you‘ll need are provided) and began using it, I was briefly annoyed that my chair kept rolling away from my desk as I pedaled. I thought to myself “how could they not have thought about rolling chairs?!” Then I looked to my right and saw they had actually thought of everything. In order to provide all that you’ll need to make the transition as easy as possible, there is a Velcro™strap which keeps the chair from rolling.

Once I got the correct pedaling technique down, I realized it‘s a great solution to those desk job blues. I found that after some time had passed using the cycle I barely noticed it was there and it caused no disruption to my work. In fact, it helped me to be more productive. There are other cycles out there, but the DeskCycle is the BEST I have ever tried, having the lowest height available which fits a wider range of people, and has also managed to reduce the noise to barely a whisper whereas other cycles use friction mechanisms which can cause more stress to your joints and are considerably louder. It also comes with a display which helps you easily track your distance, time, and calories burned. And at 23 pounds, it’s easy enough to move around.

So what have you got to lose? The DeskCycle can be purchased via and will help you burn calories, stay alert, boost energy and metabolism levels and help correct the health risks associated with a sedentary job!

– Josh

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the DeskCycle for free from DeskCycle, in consideration for review publication

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