Don’t text and drive. More than just a PSA.

We got this recently from Garneau. Please pass it along, as it’s a great reminder this time of year. 

Dear friends,

The holidays, in all their brilliance, are a wonderful time of year, but they can also be a time of struggle for some. This year, our thoughts are with the Lowndes family, who is missing out on something the whole world seems to be feeling. Last year on December 22, their son Jason Lowndes, a professional cyclist, was hit from behind while riding his bike. The driver was texting.

Jason Lowndes

There are two things you should know about Louis Garneau: he cares about people and he cares about safety. Jason was one of the young riders Louis welcomed and supported on his factory team, Garneau-Quebecor. Like many now Pro Tour cyclists, Jason got his start on this team and his personality and laugh were infectious to everyone around him. Safety has always been paramount to Louis Garneau. He has been integral in encouraging the Canadian Government to pass legislation forcing motorists to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from cyclists on the road. Today, Louis Garneau is turning his grief into a movement as he launches an international Don‘t Text and Drive campaign.

As a company, we will invest in communicating the dangers of texting and driving through our social networks, a press conference, graphics covering the entire face of the Garneau building and our fleet of company vehicles, replacing a Garneau logo on all custom kits with Don‘t Text and Drive communications, donating the sales of campaign bracelets to families who have lost cyclists to texting and driving, communicating the dangers on our website, paid advertisements and more.

But it takes a village…

We invite you to follow us and share our campaign all week on social media (starting December 18). And to really create an impact, WE ASK YOU ALL to join us on December 22 to change things. In observance of Don‘t Text and Drive Day, we encourage you to make one post only on your social media networks.  You can share ours or create your own. And please use :

#donttextanddrive #istandwithgarneau

Let‘s make a difference together. Thanks for your support.

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