No Drip Chain Luber From Finish Line – Stocking Stuffer Alert!

Finish Line No Drip Chain Luber

Part of maintaining any bicycle properly is making sure the chain is properly lubricated, but no one wants to get lube all over their bike and themselves while applying it. Finish line addresses this issue with its No Drip Chain Luber. No longer do you have to worry about wasting half the bottle of your favorite lube by getting it on everything but the chain. This easy to use 2oz bottle with pivoting head and sponge applicator makes lubing your chain a breeze.

Finish Line‘s NO Drip Chain Luber comes empty as a 2 oz / 60 ml bottle with a pivoting applicator on top. This allows you to use the lubricant of your choice. Handy when you switch lubes for the wet winter/spring and dry summer/fall. Instructions are very clear, and you can even use it to apply a degreaser before lubing your chain lube. Just make sure to wash off your chain very thoroughly prior to applying the lube. Each applicator is good for 25 or more uses before needing changing, and Finish Line generously includes two extra pads to keep you lubing your chain for future rides and maintenance. Also included is a travel cap in case you want to throw the No Drip Chain Luber in your gear bag.

Finish Line No Drip Chain Luber

The No Drip Chain Luber lives up to its name. Not one drop of lubricant found its way to my bike frame, brakes, or anywhere on myself. Once I filled the bottle with my favorite chain  lubricant (which happens to be Finish Line Wet Lube), I moved the applicator into the upright position to open the bottle, started backpedaling my cranks while squeezing the bottle riding on top of my chain, and that was it. The chain was lubed, the squeaking was gone, and I had no mess to clean up. As mentioned above, Finish line does include a travel cap for the No Drip Chain Luber but I probably won‘t use it. It may keep the bottle from spilling but doesn‘t really solve the solution of a wet applicator getting lube on my gear. That’s the only downside I could find. For my purposes I will put the product back in the box to hang it from my peg board where I maintain my bikes.

Finish Line really addresses an important task with the No Drip Chain Luber. Not only is it easy to use, but it will also save you money on lubricant, as it cuts waste. I could see bike shops and bike enthusiasts of all sorts using this product. Let’s face it – at the end of the day, no one wants to clean up or wear chain lubricant.  The Finish Line packaging states it best by proclaiming, “No Drips, No Mess, No Missed Links!”

For a quick video demo by Finish Line on using this product click here. Look for Finish Line‘s No Drip Chain Luber to hit shelves in November of 2013.

– Ryan

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the No Drip Chain Luber for free from Finish Line, in consideration for review publication

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