Easy Camp‘s Camp Fire Tripod, Get Your Grill On

The Camp Fire Tripod by Easy Camp is a pretty handy way to cook over a fire.  Whether you are car camping, or just cooking in the backyard like us, the Camp Fire Tripod will get the job done.  Easy Camp is relatively new to the U.S. and they offer affordably priced gear.  If you missed our article introducing the brand, click HERE to find out more.

Of course, the Camp Fire Tripod has three legs that connect together at a triangle-shaped plate at the top.  Each leg breaks down into four sections, just like a large diameter tent pole, and a doubled up shock cord holds them together.  Spring clips at the tops hold the poles into the triangular top.  The fit between the legs and the top hub is pretty loose so there is plenty of adjustment there.  We set up the Camp Fire Tripod easily, even on not so smooth ground.

Camp Fire Tripod by Easy Camp
Camp Fire Tripod by Easy Camp

The grill of the Camp Fire Tripod measures about 17 ¼ inches across and it holds quite a bit of food.  Three chains clip onto the grill and all connect to a single adjustable chain at the top.  A metal clip slides over one of the legs and makes the grill height adjustable.  Easy Camp says the height of the Camp Fire Tripod is 150 centimeters.  That‘s about five feet for those of us using feet and inches.  That number doesn‘t mean a whole lot to me because the height varies quite a bit depending on how the legs are set up.  Grill height adjustment is very easy to make, so set up low to sear a steak or high to simmer beans.

Heat resistant paint coats the steel parts of The Camp Fire Tripod.  We had the grill set pretty close to a hot bed of coals and it held up well.  Clean up was easy and there wasn‘t much discoloration of the metal.  The materials of the tripod are sturdy without being too heavy.  The Camp Fire Grill packs down small for storage and transport.

The tripod worked great for cooking over our fire bowl but there are a couple things to know.  First, the grill is free to swing on the main chain.  Three chains attach to the grill but since they all attach to a center the grill does swing around.  This isn‘t a huge problem but kids might have trouble with the moving grill.  The spacing of the grill is a bit wide.  Hot dogs will pass through the grate unless you lay them on crosswise.  I dropped a couple wieners into the coals but I just dusted off the ashes and added a little extra mustard.  The kids were impressed with dad eating ashes so I came out alright.

Since Easy Camp is relatively new in the States, the only place to buy right now is at Optics Planet.  The current price on the Camp Fire Tripod is $47.99, but that is a sale price.  I give the Easy Camp Camp Fire Grill a thumbs up.  Click HERE to head over to Optics Planet and check it out.


I‘d like to thank Easy Camp for sending the Camp Fire Grill out for testing and review.  This accessory is going to make camping a little nicer and backyard cooking a little more fun as well.

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