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At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this August, I had the opportunity to sit down with the folks from ECCO and was very impressed by their commitment to deliver the kind of quality product their customers want. They are the real deal! We discussed in great detail the amount of science and R&D that goes into their products. It was extremely refreshing to visit with people that share the same enthusiasm for fitness and for the outdoors as I do.

For 48 years, it has been ECCO’s aim to produce high quality, casual comfort shoes with a perfect fit. A family owned, financially robust company, ECCO has no need to make short-term decisions, save on material or compromise on quality. Ever.

Because ECCO knows that to deliver perfect quality they need to control every single aspect of their business. So, ECCO designers develop their collections, ECCO owned tanneries produce the leather, and ECCO-owned factories make the shoes sold in ECCO shops across the world and at the world’s leading retailers. All of which makes ECCO unique in the global shoe industry.

“Biomizing”, is the only word you need to know when putting on this high-performance, natural running shoe. BIOM guides the body to its optimal natural motion path. By allowing this kind of movement, runners experience a more natural motion that’s more efficient and smoother. But then again, don‘t take my word for it. These effects have been proven by one of the largest research studies ever performed on a running shoe.

The BIOM is a low profile show, which enables the natural structure of the foot to fully react to the ground. The mid-foot arch element provides superb support for the mid-arch without limiting natural pronation.

Forefoot flex provides better push off and maximum forward movement, while increasing comfort. To make all this happen,  BIOM relies on an advanced production method utilizing direct injection techniques, which provides long-lasting and extremely accurate anatomical support.

Whether you‘re a highly trained runner that does a 4 minute Km, a serious fitness runner, or just a casual runner that wants a shoe that will dance with your feet, ECCO has the three options that will suit your needs. They are categorized with the BIOM A, BIOM B, or BIOM C, respectively.

ECCO has taken each category of fitness level very seriously in designing these shoes. Each one has your fitness goals and abilities in mind, to reach maximum results. Just remember to keep it under 20 in those schools zones!

The photos accompanying this article represent only a small portion of the footwear available from ECCO. To check out the full line of ECCO shoes, as well as read more about their BIOM technology, visit

– John

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