Ecōths Zander Shirt and Trace Pants

Until fairly recently, I hadn‘t heard of Ecōths so I didn‘t know what to expect when the samples arrived.  Ecōths started in 2014 but they are part of Sportif USA which dates to 1965.  These guys have a great philosophy and if you want to read more, check it out HERE.

Both the Zander shirt and the Trace pants use Ecōths Sustainable Style.  Sustainable Style uses organically farmed cotton, and Ecōths supports avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering.  Ecōths can track their organics to reduce their footprint on the environment.

Ecōths Zander Shirt
Ecōths Zander Shirt

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The Zander shirt is made from 100% organic cotton plaid flannel and it has a very soft feel.  Styling is classic flannel and the shirt comes in three colors.  Metal buttons up the front and on the two chest pockets are easy to fasten and add to the feel of quality.  The Zander shirt has maybe the most useful feature I‘ve seen on a shirt.  Inside the bottom of the left side front is a microfiber wipe for your glasses or phone.  Ecōths calls it the Handy Cloth! And I think it is fantastic.  The Zander is machine washable and it is pretty wrinkle-resistant.  Just hang it up right out of the dryer and it will be fine.

Ecōths Trace Pants
Ecōths Trace Pants

The Ecōths Trace pants use fabric made of 98% organic cotton and 2% Lycra.  This blend gives the pants just a bit of stretch and it has a super soft feel as well.  I often have trouble getting a good fit with pants.  The legs and seat tend to be too tight and if they are right, the waist is too big.  The Trace pants fit me great and I wear them to both work and play.  They have brass riveting at the pockets and an extra pocket on the right leg.  Wrinkling isn‘t a problem with these machine-washable pants either.

The Zander shirt and Trace pants were worn at least once or twice per week for about three months now.  They go through the washer and dryer just like everything else and they look as good as new.  My XL Zander shirt fits me great and I usually wear a 17 ½ to 18 inch neck shirt with a 34 or 35 inch sleeve.  I‘ve got a 45 to 46 inch chest.  I‘m about 6‘ 1” tall and the 36 X 32 inch Trace pants are just right.

On the Ecōths website, their Ecōths Zander shirt and Trace pants are selling for $46.99. And they are available at specialty stores – click here.  Ecōths donates 3 meals to those in need for every garment sold, which you can read about here.  The shirt and pants fit me great, I like the style, and they held up great so far.  What‘s not to like?

Thanks to Ecōths for sending the Zander shirt and Trace pants out for test and review.  We at Industry Outsider have budgets just like you and it is a real privilege to pass along honest reviews on the gear we test.

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