Ergon -Comfort Where It Counts

When cycling for any meaningful distance, comfort is key. Ergon seems to agree on this idea with the ergonomic products they offer. Starting off as a grip manufacturer based out of Germany, they now have a full line of quality cycling products featuring saddles, seat posts, pedals, and backpacks. Whether you are a casual rider, a weekend warrior, or a seasoned pro, Ergon seems to offer a little bit for everyone.


Ergon GP1 grip

If you‘ve ever had numb fingers, sore hands, and achy forearms, Ergon has a solution for you. The Ergon GP1 provides relief by giving your hands a better angle and wider grip that provide 100% contact inside your hands. Many times this discomfort is caused by putting too much pressure on your palm or bad hand position. This is easily fixed by swapping your inefficient grips for the GP1 or any one of Ergon‘s anatomically optimized grips. With an MSRP of $29.95, it won‘t break the bank and is certainly worth a try. They also offer grips for mountain bike racing and technical riding.



Ergon TP1 cleat tool

Love riding clipless but hate installing cleats on a new pair of shoes? Ergon makes a tool to easily set your cleats for both road and MTB pedals. The Ergon TP1 cleat tool is made for Shimano SPD-SL®, Shimano SPD®, LOOK Ké©o®, & Crankbrothers® type cleat systems. This tool, complete with its handbook, will give you fast, simple, and effective step-by-step instructions for adjusting your shoes and cleats to the perfect ergonomic setup. For an informational video about how to use the cleat tool, click here.




Ergon PC2 pedal

More of a flat pedal guy or gal vs. having your feet clipped to your pedals? Ergon hasn‘t left you out either. Introducing the Ergon PC2, primarily made for touring, commuting, or basic riding, this contour pedal will provide an ergonomic connection between you and your bike. Designed for more control, increased power transfer, reduction in hotspots, and fewer knee complaints, this pedal is sure to please. Offered in two sizes based on the size of your feet, and featuring maintenance free bearings, you‘re sure to wear yourself out before you do these pedals.



Ergon BC2 backpack

Looking for a new backpack? Check this out! Ergon has recently released the Ergon BC2. This pack was made for all-mountain and enduro riding in mind, and is adjustable for riders of all sizes. Featuring an innovative Flink® link backpack motion system, the Flink® ball joint separates the carrying straps from the backpack. Ergon claims this creates unrestricted mobility of the torso while keeping the backpack in place. By doing this the load is secured at all times with an optimal fit that absorbs and distributes weight more towards the hip vs the shoulders.



For more information on Ergon and their products please visit their site or you can find all the information for upcoming products in 2014 by clicking here.

– Ryan

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Dave rioux

I am using the ergon grips on my flat bar road bike. Worth the money. No discomfort at all.


For sure! Those grips are great! I plan on getting a set of their more race type grips myself for my mountain bike this spring. I’m debating between the GA1 and the GE1 EVO.

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