Exodux – MultiTaskR Truck Bed Rack System

Trick out your truck with the Exodux MultiTaskR Truck Bed Rack System. Anyone who loves spending time outdoors typically finds themselves in need of a do-it-all vehicle. In addition to the vehicle is the need for racks or mounts to carry your nice gear. Good quality racks and accessories costing anywhere from $500-$1200 can dish out some serious sticker shock. The MultiTaskR costs significantly less, but Exodux doesn’t cut costs in materials and quality like you might expect.

Exodux MultiTaskR Truck Bed Rack System
Exodux MultiTaskR Truck Bed Rack System

With gas prices dropping, truck sales are on the rise and the accessory aftermarket has exploded. Several companies are creating all sorts of hauling solutions, but who wants to install something on your rig only to have it get in the way later? Not me, that’s for sure!  Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s take a look at the innovative Exodux MultiTaskR.

Exodux MultiTaskR Truck Bed Rack System
MTBs and some lumber?
No worries! Exodux MultiTaskR Truck Bed Rack System

After recently leasing a new truck, I searched the internet for a solution to haul my bikes. I stumbled across Exodux’s MultiTaskR Truck Bed Rack System on Kickstarter. Most of you know about Kickstarter, but for newbies, here’s the rundown.  Kickstarter allows a company to offer a new product before it’s in production.  Then interested buyers pledge money for the product and/or rewards.  Production starts when the funding goal is reached.  The Exodux project ends on June 20th, so check it out before then.

Exodux MultiTaskR Truck Bed Rack System
Road bike and a kayak? No sweat! Exodux MultiTaskR Truck Bed Rack System

A key feature in the design of the MultiTaskR is that it collapses, uninstalls, and stores away in seconds. Made of 6061 T6 aluminum billet and 303 stainless steel, with all stainless steel hardware, the MultiTaskR is clearly built for anything you could throw its way.  The rack carries bikes, surfboards, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, lumber, ladders, construction materials and more.

Exodux has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing for companies including, but not limited to, Thule, Yakima, and Cannondale. This might explain why the patent pending MultiTaskR features such a unique method to secure your bike. The inside of the steer tube goes over an attachment called the STM (short for Steer Tube Mount). This mounting system fits inside the steer tube of most mountain suspension forks and expands to hold your bikes securely. Non-suspension bikes aren’t getting the short end of the stick with this setup either. The MultiTaskR also has fork mounting options and even more is on the way.  A high-security locking system is coming as well.

Exodux doesn’t currently have this system in full production, but you can help them get it there. Their Kickstarter campaign is currently featuring racks starting at $460.00 USD.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here!


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