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Freewaters Mint in black

Recently, Mrs. Outsider was provided with a pair of Freewaters Mint shoes for review. This vegan shoe is made from canvas for light weight, and assembled with a water based glue. Inside, their Super Pillow insole is soft, yet offers plenty of support. The whole shoe is really light, and has plenty of flex for comfort. Here’s what she had to say:

Freewaters Mint in red

I chose to review the Mint from Freewaters because comfort is everything to me. If I had my choice, I would not wear any shoes at all, so I am always looking for the next best thing. The Mint is a really light shoe, and it flexes with my feet, so wearing them is almost like going barefoot. Of course, being able to choose from black, red, navy, yellow, tan, and even zebra, I think they might offer a bit more fashion options than bare feet can. If I could, I would get one pair in each color, but since that was not an option, I went with the black ones, as they go with just about everything in my wardrobe. I can wear them with skinny jeans, shorts or leggings. They would also go well with a summer dress or a nice skirt, if I was dressing up a bit.

Freewaters Mint in zebra

I’m not vegan, but I do love animals, and appreciate that the Freewaters Mint uses no animal materials or by-products. And to stay eco-friendly, they also use a water-based glue. If I have one minor complaint, it’s that they don‘t come in half sizes. I usually wear a 7 ½ in most brands, and the 8 was still a good fit, but not quite perfect.

Besides the light weight, big comfort, and earth/animal friendly design, I love the fact that Freewaters is also committed to bringing clean water to people around the world. When you buy a pair, you’re helping them save lives. That means a lot, and I am proud to help them in their efforts to make a positive change.

– Mrs. Outsider

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Freewaters Mint shoes for free from Freewaters, in consideration for review publication


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