Gaerne Carbon G.Air Road Shoes: Comfort Is King

Gaerne Carbon G.Air Road Shoes

When discussing the Gaerne Carbon G.Air shoes, I have to break with what is the norm when it comes to reviewing road bikes and road bike gear.  I‘m not going to start by telling you how light they are, how stiff they are, or how fast they are.  I‘m going to emphasize what I believe should be the most important quality in any product aimed towards serious cyclists; comfort.

When I first slipped on the Gaerne Carbon G.Air shoes, I thought the comfort was unlike any cycling shoe I had ever worn.  The cushioning, tongue, and insole reminded me more of an athletic shoe than a cycling shoe. But as comfortable as these shoes were while stationary, they really shone while out on the road.  Before the Gaernes, I had been dealing with a pain on the outside of my right foot that would sometimes get so bad on longer rides that I could barely apply any pressure to the pedal.  I assumed it was more a cleat adjustment issue as the pain was there while wearing two different pairs of top-of-the-line shoes from two different Italian manufacturers.  However, I am much relieved to say that over the course of thousands of miles with the Gaerne Carbon G.Airs, that issue has never arisen again.

I picked the Gaerne Carbon G.Air shoes because of what I perceived as another comfort-related attribute; the ventilation.  Training in the Arkansas summer for a ride in the deserts of California, I really wanted a shoe that keeps my feet as cool as possible.  The Gaerne Carbon G.Air provides massive ventilation which not only keeps your feet cool but also helps evaporate sweat, keeping feet dry as well.  Even the well-padded tongue has perforations to help keep the top of the foot from getting too hot.

Gaerne Carbon G.Air Road Shoes

The retention system consists of two Velcro straps and a plastic/aluminum micro adjustable buckle for the instep closure.  I thought I might miss the cable closure system of my last shoes, but this retention system was even more comfortable, due in large part to the tongue of the shoe.  I could cinch the straps as tight as I wanted with no hot spots or pain from pressure points.  The Velcro straps never slipped.  The micro-adjustable buckle provides fine adjustment potential to allow the fit to be just right.  In addition, all closures are simple to adjust on the fly.  The molded heel retention built into the shoe keeps my heels firmly planted even on sprints.  Although I may not put out overly impressive wattages, let me assure you Fabian Cancellara does, and look at what brand of shoe is on his feet.

Gaerne Carbon G.Air Road Shoes

Now for the usual.  Yes, the Gaerne Carbon G.Air shoes are light.  A size 45.5 without cleats showed a weight of just over 700 grams for the pair.  Yes, they are stiff.  I don‘t sense even the slightest flex while pedaling.  The fact that the interior of the shoe is so comfortable means that there is no foot pain or hot spots associated with this stiffness.

The shoes definitely show Gaerne‘s craftsmanship and quality.  All materials are well-crafted and the final construction is top-notch.  After several months and several thousand miles, the shoes show much less wear than anticipated, with even the stitching lacking any fraying.  In addition, the replaceable rubber anti-slip pad on the heel of the sole barely looks used.

There is only one potential downside to these shoes.  They seem to be more tailored to a long and narrow foot.  My foot is both, and they fit me better than any other cycling shoe I have worn.  That said, the shoe size runs true to every other cycling shoe I have owned.

It should be noted that the shoes, though made in Italy, ship from a United States distributor, so returns/exchanges are no problem.  For ordering within in the U.S., go to  The retail price for the Gaerne Carbon G.Air is $449.99.

Overall, this has been a year of some excellent cycling purchases for me.  New frame, new wheels, and new shoes.  I couldn‘t be happier with the Gaerne G.Air.  I look forward to many more miles in these light, stiff, and comfortable shoes.

– Alex

The Gaerne G.Air shoes were provided to the author at a discount in exchange for an evaluation and logo placement on the Team Hungry Hippos 508 jersey.

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Very nice write up and review of these shoes. Although a bit spendy for my riding level I could see that these shoes really own up to price point. A comfortable shoe makes a great difference in a good or bad ride. I look forward to more of your reviews Alex!


Thanks! Glad to be back at it.

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