Gear Beast Armband

Gear Beast Armband

When it comes to producing armbands for mobile devices Gear Beast has got your back! …or arm rather. Gear Beast Armbands are designed in the United States of America by tech junkies who are familiar with your needs as an outdoor junkie. It doesn’t matter your choice of activity (unless it takes you underwater), the Gear Beast Armband is sure to provide you with the protection and comfort you need for you and your mobile device. They support a wide range of Apple and Android devices, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need. If you visit their website you can select the device you are looking to fit and you’ll then be directed to their amazon store where you can purchase that armband.

Gear Beast Armbands are manufactured with a soft and lightweight neoprene and durable ballistic nylon which protects your device from inclement weather and sweat. The band is comfortable to wear against your skin and will effectively wick the sweat away from your smartphone. The heavy-duty vinyl used in its construction will also protect your screen from scratches while maintaining the sensitivity of your touchscreen.

I really enjoyed the strap of these particular armbands because it is wide and easy to strap on. I also have found that I only had to strap it once and will just slide it up my arm every time I use it unless I am wearing a jacket. When wearing a jacket, the armband extender is useful. The Velcro is effective and allows multiple positions for differing sizes and maximizes the comfort of the strap while in use. The strap will fit arms with a circumference of 10-18 inches, even more with the extender on. You’d have to have some pretty large arms to need the extender, but it is nice with a jacket as I mentioned and it is easier to put on in those circumstances. They have also designed a small key pocket on the side and there are holes for the headphone jack and speaker.

Gear Beast Armband

If all my words aren’t enough to convince you, Gear Beast offers you a one-year hassle free warranty! They have truly designed an effective product of excellent quality and have a customer service base which is equally effective and excellent. You can find Gear Beast products for your device by going to

– Josh

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received theĀ Gear Beast Armband for free from Gear Beast, in consideration for review publication

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