Grilliput Firebowl XL

Grilliput Firebowl XL

The Grilliput Firebowl XL is a versatile accessory for anyone packing light, but still needing a quick and safe way to enjoy an open fire without the bulk of a large grill. It weighs 12.55 ounces, is less than 9 inches across, and folds down into a nice compact form that is only about three inches tall. When folded, it resembles a metal half ball. Made out of stainless steel, the Grilliput Firebowl XL is nicely put together, and it has the ability to make a good campout a great one, as it’s a simple way to cook your meal without having to tear up the country side to make a fire pit. I have been using it to practice fire-starting and teach my son how to start fires without matches or lighters. This is a basic bushcraft skill which I think is good to have when you spend a lot of time outdoors.

With enough space inside when folded to hold some briquets, firewood, or fat wood to get things going, it’s pretty much a self-contained unit. And it was made to work with a portable grill like the Grilliput Duo, so you can have a BBQ just about anywhere.This is a sweet little contraption that I wish I had thought of. For those of you who are doing as much Leave No Trace as you can, but still like to have a fire when you’re in the backcountry, but don‘t want to dig things up and tear things apart to have that comforting fire while watching for a shooting star, this is it.

Grilliput Firebowl XL

To use it, just fold out the legs, put it on a rock, and get your fire going. It’s not big enough that you will even be able to burn anything you can’t break with your foot. So this goes right along with not leaving the scars of a fire pit on the landscape when you leave.

The ability to safely contain a small fire when camping, or even just kicking back at home with a cold drink or some marshmallows is the intended use of the Grilliput Firebowl XL, and at that, it does a great job. Being able to practice fire starting and bushcraft in my back yard without a fire pit makes it worth the very reasonable $19.99 MSRP too. You can find them at

– Rob

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Grilliput Firebowl XL for free from Industrial Revolution (, in consideration for review publication

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