The GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask -Good to Go

The GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask is a brand new offering from the company and it is here just in time for holiday shopping.  We at Industry Outsider are big fans of GSI Outdoors because they make quality gear and they don‘t charge an arm and a leg for it.

The GSI Boulder Flask uses co-polyester for the main body of the flask.  I had to use some Google Fu to research co-polyester so I could tell you all about it.  Basically, other materials are added to regular polyester to give it enhanced properties like toughness, or chemical resistance.  GSI Outdoors says the material is eco-friendly, and there‘s more information on the web if you are interested.

GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask
GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask

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The main body of the flask is wrapped with a grippy, silicone bumper for more toughness, a bit of color, and a good grip.  It’s got a wide mouth for a flask that measures about 7/8 of an inch.  The opening makes it easy to get your favorite drink in and out of the flask.  The screw on cap has more silicone for grip and it is attached to the flask body with a hinge.  The cap locks in the open position to keep it out of the way when needed.

The GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask holds 10 fluid ounces of your favorite beverage and it weighs only 4.3 ounces itself.  The flask measures 3.7 inches wide x 1.1 inches thick x 6.5 inches from the bottom to the top of the cap.

GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask
GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask

This flask has passed testing with flying colors.  Its cap screws on easily and nothing has leaked out.  When I stood on it with all of my weight on one foot, it wasn‘t damaged at all.  The clear sides make it easy to see how much is inside and how much you’ve poured out.  Unlike other flasks, you can’t lose the attached cap.  Be responsible when drinking whatever you might carry in the flask, but it‘s good to know that it can take a mishap if that happens for some reason.

The GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask sells for $14.95 on the GSI Outdoors website, so the price is definitely right.  It‘s tough enough to take some abuse on the trail and it‘s light enough to carry.  I like it a lot and this flask has just knocked out the old one for a place in my pack.  Click HERE to check out everything GSI Outdoors offers on their site.

I‘d like to thank GSI Outdoors for providing the Boulder Flask for testing and review.  We at Industry Outsider appreciate being able to pass info about cool gear like this along to our readers.

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