Hammer It!

I think Alex got so excited by their customer service, he forgot to tell us about the product. Expect a follow up.

– Brian

When it comes to bike things, I prefer to buy from my local shop when possible.   It‘s not just because they‘re a great group of guys (and gal) and I want to support them, it‘s because they offer what large, internet-based companies usually do not; personal customer service.  More often than not, it seems the internet sites are just out to make a sale, not to make a repeat customer.

That‘s a big reason why I was so surprised with my experience with Hammer Nutrition when I ordered their products online.  As I‘m sure you‘re all aware, the cycling nutrition and hydration choices available to us are staggering, and finding ones you like or that work for you can be quite frustrating.  Look around, and you‘ll easily find someone who swears by one and curses all the others.  This isn‘t going to be one of those articles.  I‘m not going to claim that Hammer‘s products are better than anything else.  What I am going to do is tell you why you should at least try them and see for yourself.

That being said, I was convinced to try Hammer by a buddy who said the Espresso Hammer Gel is the best thing ever.  He also hinted that Hammer is quite impressive when dealing with new customers.  Let me tell (and show) you, he was absolutely right.

Due to recent troubles with cramps, I decided to buy some endurolytes and sample a variety of their gel flavors.  Ordering from their website is quite easy.  I created a new customer account, and also filled in the section on the order form for more information/special instructions, and described why I was placing my order and for what I would be using their products.

Well, not long after placing my order, I received my “thank you for your order” email followed shortly by my order confirmation.  This is where it got special.  Look closely at the order confirmation.  Notice how many of the “Your Price” column were 0.00 and how I didn‘t pay MSRP for anything.   Now I‘m quite happy when Happy Hour prices are extended by 5 to 10 minutes to let me get one more beer for a buck cheaper.  I‘m not saying I‘m cheap.  I‘m far from it.  But I do appreciate when someone cuts me a break.  So seeing over $34 worth of product free for placing a $25 order, plus a discount on that $25 stunned me.  And I was even more impressed by the fact that the free stuff said to me, “Try these.  We think you‘ll like them all, but we don‘t want you to waste your money on things you may not like.”

Though I am now Client # 194,492 I felt like #1.  I‘m still receiving updates and magazines from Hammer.  These are packed with great information not only on their products, but training and nutrition in general.  Plus they‘re free.

And yes, I did find several products that I am happy with, including the Espresso Gel.  So, get online or call one of their “client advisors” at 800-336-1977.  I think you‘ll be just as happy of a new customer as I am.  And I think you‘ll be a repeat customer, like I will be.

– Alex

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Wowser, not sure how I missed this 🙂

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