Icebreaker Hyperia Lite Jacket – Wool is Warm

Puffy jackets are really popular out on the trail and people like them for good reasons.  These jackets offer a lot of warmth for the weight, and they usually pack down really small.  These jackets are not only good for the outdoors but they are also great for just wearing around town.  Synthetic and down insulation are most commonly used in these jackets but the Icebreaker Hyperia Lite is different.  Icebreaker is known for its Merino wool products so it should be no surprise that these guys use Merino wool to insulate this jacket.

We had a chance to speak with Icebreaker a few months ago.  These guys go the extra mile to produce quality, sustainable, environmentally friendly products.  You can check out the interview HERE.  Merino wool is the mainstay of Icebreaker‘s clothing and they developed Merinoloft insulation as part of their effort.  Merino wool makes Merinoloft, as I‘m sure you guessed, and this stuff makes a nice puffy jacket.  Merinoloft is machine washable and you get good warmth to weight ratio with it.

Icebreaker Hyperia Lite Jacket
Icebreaker Hyperia Lite Jacket

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The Icebreaker Hyperia Lite jacket uses lightweight Pertex Quantum Airfabric for the shell.  The outer shell is water repellant and the inner material feels great on the skin.  Icebreaker got rid of seams on top of the shoulders so that a backpack won‘t sit on them and irritate your shoulders.  The zipper extends all the way to the top of the collar, and a storm flap behind it keeps out cold.  A chin guard hides the zipper at the top.

Both hand pockets of the jacket have zippers, and there‘s a large zippered chest pocket.  The Hyperia Lite stuffs into the chest pocket and I like this feature a lot.  Not only does this make it easy to stuff the jacket into the backpack but it also makes a great camp pillow.  Hammock campers will appreciate the sewn-on loop because you can attach the stuffed jacket to the hammock to hold it in place.

Icebreaker Hyperia Lite Jacket, Packed
Icebreaker Hyperia Lite Jacket, Packed

I wore the Icebreaker Hyperia Lite jacket on nights with temperatures in the low forties to upper thirties.  With minimal layers underneath, the jacket kept me warm.  If temperatures get much lower than that, or if you tend to stay colder, the fit of the jacket allows for layering.

My test jacket is a size XXL and I am about 6 feet 1 inches and weigh around 230.  The jacket fits well and is still big enough to wear layers underneath.  The size XXL weighs only 13.3 ounces, which I think is pretty great.  Icebreaker has a really nice fit guide on their website and you should check it out.  They ask a few questions about your body type and then let you know the best recommended size.  It‘s way better than just guessing from the normal fit guidelines.  Men’s and women’s jackets are available.

The Icebreaker Hyperia Lite sells for $280 on the Icebreaker website.  The price isn‘t too different from similar quality down jackets and the washability of the Merinoloft should make this jacket last a long time.  This will be the puffy style jacket in my pack for quite some time to come.  Click HERE to check out the Icebreaker website.

Thanks to Icebreaker for sending out the Hyperia Lite jacket for testing and review.  We‘re on a budget around here just like you and it‘s a real privilege to pass along product information.

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