The Jackson Kayak Liska Fishing Kayak

The new Jackson Kayak Liska looks like a real winner for the fishing crowd.  Paddling quickly became a favorite family activity for us.  All members of my family enjoy getting out on the water on a nice day whether it be a small lake or lazy river.  Not only does Jackson Kayaks makes great boats for that kind of fun but they also make fishing and whitewater boats.  Fishing kayaks tend to be wider and more stable so the Jackson Kayak Liska should be a great boat for anyone looking for an easy day on the water.  Check out the press release below.

Jackson Kayak Liska Starts Shipping

SPARTA, TN (January 15, 2018) Jackson Kayak, a leading kayak manufacturer, has begun shipping The Liska fishing kayak, named after Jackson‘s previous European Team Manager who was taken tragically by an avalanche skiing in France two years ago. This new, cost friendly fishing offering combines both the versatility of Jackson‘s top selling Cuda series with the stability and modernization of the Mayfly. The end result is a fishing platform that is easy to use, comfortable, standable, fully equipped, fast tracking and light; ideal for bringing new enthusiasts into kayak angling and upgrading those hoping to evolve in their kayak angling.

The Jackson Kayak Liska Fishing Kayak
The Jackson Kayak Liska Fishing Kayak

Kayak anglers will appreciate these Liska features:

  • Wider hull creates a more stable standing platform than the original Cuda, meaning it is better suited to larger paddlers, beginners and more gear.
  • Stand and sit with ease – comfortable, padded standing area is standard.
  • Hi-Lo Ergo seat system features hi/lo positioning and track-mounted seat system means infinite trimming fore and aft.  The seat can still easily be removed for use at camp or lounging on the bank, or replacement with an Orion 25 Cooler™ with Handibak.
  • Center hatch with easy fish-finder integration option and/or ample tackle storage while maximizing floor area. Single track on top of cover for mounting accessories.
  • Multiple rod, tackle and deck storage options.
  • Transducer ready
  • Gear tracks on either side of seat and on large open stern storage area.
  • Flush mount rod holders
  • Standard accessories like RAM Mounts® fishing rod holder
  • Paddle holder molded in front hatch.
  • Molded handle on stern

“Jan Liska was played a large role in the development of kayak angling in Europe. His mantra was always ‘˜try it, you‘ll love it‘ and he spent much of his time focused on both introducing anglers to kayaking and encouraging lasting enthusiasm in paddle sports” states James McBeath, Marketing Director. “He continually strove to ensure the experience in any kayak lead to a lifetime of paddling.”

Manufacturer suggested retail price is $1,349.

Check out these links for the Jackson Kayak Liska and information about Jan Liska:

  • Jackson Kayak Liska web page:  Click HERE (photos available on Photo tab)
  • About Jan Liska Video series:
    • Part 1 – Who is Jan Liska
    • Part 2 – Remembering Jan – Team event and testimonials

About Jan Liska:  Jan Liska, originally from the Czech Republic, was an national level whitewater kayaker and an avid kayak angler.  In 2012 Jan moved to a full time position as Jackson Kayak’s first European team manager and began to promote kayak angling in regions which saw little penetration.  His efforts, enthusiasm and broad smile quickly turned into a movement.  The Jackson Kayak team grew under his enthusiasm and within two years the market place took off in many countries across Europe; mostly thanks to Jan and his growing team’s efforts.  Sadly we lost Jan to an avalanche accident in France in 2016.  His legacy as one who lived to share the sport he loved we hope lives on in this kayak.

About Jackson Kayak: Jackson Kayak was founded in 2003 by Eric Jackson and Tony Lunt. Located in Sparta, Tennessee, near the Caney Fork River, Jackson Kayak designs, builds, and manufactures leading whitewater, fishing and exploration paddlesports products. With the motto “Build it like it‘s your own”, all of their products are Made in the USA in growing support of the local Tennessee economy. Market leaders in both the whitewater and kayak fishing, kayak manufacturing and strong in the exploration sector, Jackson Kayak continues to introduce new product lines each year. Jackson Kayak‘s success is largely due to delivering high quality products through paddlesports specialty shops globally; all supported by regional, national and international team members who are engaged to promote the paddling lifestyle.

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