Klymit Motion 60 Light Weight, High Quality

The Klymit Motion 60 backpack arrived at my doorstep earlier this summer.  Klymit is well known for their lineup of sleeping pads and bags, but these guys don‘t stop there.  The Motion 60 backpack is definitely in the ultralight category.  For me, not only is the backpack lightweight but it is also a comfortable hauler.

Klymit Motion 60 backpack

Weight and Construction

The Klymit Motion 60 weighs in at 2.6 pounds or 42 ounces, so this is a lightweight pack.  This is the lightest multi-day pack that I have tested and the low weight was surprising when first holding the pack.  Klymit keeps the construction simple and drops extra grams wherever possible.  The four compression straps on each side are thinner than usual and the pack material is light but tough.  A 210D nylon base fabric and 150D silicone impregnated nylon upper make up the pack body.  The backpack is lightweight, but the construction is plenty rugged for me.

Klymit Motion 60 backpack

Organization and Storage

There are no organizer pockets or pack dividers which is great for me.  I stuff a trash compactor bag into the pack and put anything to be kept dry inside.  Next, close the bag and put stuff sack organizers on top.  Klymit put a pocket in the lid, one on the back, and a large water bottle pocket on each side.  The non-floating lid is sewn onto the pack.  I like this style of lid because it makes a nice spot to stash rain gear or extra clothes when the going gets hot.  The hip belt pockets are super nice.  Many packs have hip belt pockets but they are so small you can barely stick a granola bar in there.  These pockets are large and easy to get into.

Suspension, Shoulder Straps, and Hip Belt

The Klymit Motion 60 uses an airframe and aluminum stay in the bag to support the load.   A bulb style pump in the right hand hip belt pocket adjusts the pressure in the airframe.  The airframe conforms to the shape of the back when inflated.  The airframe sticks out of the top of its sleeve and folds over to help it form this curve.  A large open mesh is in contact with your back to help with airflow.  The mesh covers the airframe and it continues over the hip belt to the bottom of the Motion 60.

The shoulder straps have light padding but I had no issues with them digging into my shoulders.  A sternum strap and adjustable load lifters are there.  A couple bar tacks sewn through the webbing and padding make places to clip on a water bottle, compass, or other tools.

Klymit Motion 60 backpack

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Padding on the hip belt is also minimal and two straps (top and bottom) are provided for adjustment of the belt.  The hip belt buckle is small but it gave no issues with popping open.  Personally, I would like for the padding on the hip belt to extend forward a bit more.  The shorter padded wings seemed to allow the buckle to press into my thicker mid-section and maybe longer padded wings would help with that.  Moving the hip belt pockets a bit further forward would also be nice but that is a really small thing.

Specs and Final Thoughts

The Klymit Motion 60 has total capacity of 60 liters.  A load rating of 55 pounds means you can carry all your luxury goodies, and I‘ve carried over 45 pounds with no trouble whatsoever.  I am 6 feet 1 inches tall and wear 36 waist pants.  The size large pack has a torso length of 19 to 23 inches and fits a 31 to 46 inch waist.  My torso length of 21 to 22 inches puts me right in the middle of the size large and this pack fit me incredibly well.  Balancing the load between shoulders and hips is easy even though the Motion 60 does not have an adjustable torso length.

The Klymit Motion 60 is comfortable, keeps the weight down, and the minimalist design works great for me.  Expect a follow up article to report on pack durability and long term impressions.  The Motion 60 costs $179.95 and Klymit provides a limited lifetime warranty.  Check out all of Klymit‘s products at klymit.com.


I‘d like to thank Klymit for sending the Motion 60 out for testing and review.  We at Industry Outsider have limited budgets and the ability to provide honest, useful information on gear hopefully benefits everybody.


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