Klymit Splash 25 Kickstarter Campaign

Klymit is well known for its innovative designs. Just take a look at the radically different sleeping pads offered by Klymit and you will see that these guys are not afraid to push the envelope and challenge traditional thinking. Klymit is now applying their mad skills to a waterproof backpack and running a Kickstarter campaign to launch it. The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to run November 2nd through November 30th.

They state that their Splash 25 is the first dry pack with a fully integrated air frame. Instead of metal rods, plastic sheets or tubing, Klymit is providing a pack frame through an inflatable back. From the looks of it, the airframe should provide excellent ventilation and a soft cushion between your body and your gear.

The Klymit Splash 25 is a 25 liter dry pack and it is totally waterproof with fold and roll access at the top. When the air frame is inflated, the Splash 25 will float even when it is full of your gear. I imagine the feel of the pack can be adjusted by the user through the volume of air. Klymit says that on-the-fly adjustments will be possible with easy pump access.

Klymit Splash 25

Fan of light gear? The Splash 25 weighs 21 ounces and features waist and sternum straps. The daisy chain on the front of the pack allows for quick attachment of your gear.

The Klymit Splash 25 is made of welded durable, lightweight, waterproof 210 D Nylon. The Splash 25 has a load capacity of 35 pounds and will fit torsos from 16-23 inches. The waist belt will adjust from 27 to 46 inches. If you want the pack before Christmas the color will be gray but information on the Kickstarter page states that other colors will be available as stretch goals and will be delivered sometime after Christmas.

“We‘re excited to continue to drive product innovation here at Klymit,” says Klymit President Cory Tholl. “The Splash 25 is the the first dry pack to feature an integrated Air Frame and we believe we‘ve solved the problems found in traditional packs. The Splash 25 is comfortable, lightweight, maneuverable and fully waterproof. We‘re looking forward to bringing the product to the market with the help of the Kickstarter community.”

I have a couple Klymit sleeping pads and my friends have some other models. All of the gear that I‘ve seen from them is well made and very functional. I would expect the Klymit Splash 25 will follow suit. If you like to mix water and fun head on over to Klymit‘s Kicstarter campaign by clicking here. You can check out Klymit‘s other gear here.

– Mark

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