Leki Breeze Folding Chair

Offering big comfort in a modest package, the Leki Breeze folding chair is a topnotch outdoor chair. Leki has made it easy and convenient to bring along a chair for even the most extreme outdoor experiences.

Comfort: The Leki Breeze will feel the best while lounging, very similar to how you would sit back in a comfy hammock. There are no pinch points or areas that will poke and prod you like a typical larger bag chair would.

Weight and Size: Weighing in at 2.4 pounds the Leki Breeze won’t make you break a sweat by carrying it with it’s integrated bag handle. Easily stow-able in a pannier or backpack with a footprint of 6x6x11 inches it’s about the size of a rolled up pair of jeans.

Features: Leki’s Breeze folding chair is setup in seconds thanks to its Speed Fold light weight constructed glass fiber reinforced plastic backbone. A bungee-corded tent pole-like system makes the legs easily setup and torn down.

Thinking outside of the box, Leki has made the carrying pouch double as a storage pocket. Velcro has been placed under two flaps on the top of the pouch and sewn into the bottom-front of the chair. By doing this, the user is able to mount the pouch under the chair for access to snacks and goodies. An included collapsible drink holder can also attach to either side in the same fashion for your favorite beverage. Side panels of the Flex Seat feature a mesh insert for staying cool.

Leki Breeze

Durability: Ultra light high strength aluminum shafts provide a stable footprint, with a 6 point rubber foot at each corner. The Flex Seat is constructed out of 100% PE (Polyethylene), making the seat of the Leki Breeze folding chair super strong.

Final Thoughts: It took me a short time to get the hang of the sitting position of this chair. I lounged back like I would in a hammock and instant comfort was achieved. Being more of a thicker guy, I was a bit concerned this chair may not hold me at 235 pounds. However, once I got settled I realized the chair was clearly not going to move and held my weight quite well.

– Ryan

Like most of our readers, we have a limited budget for our gear, so I‘d like to thank LEKI for proving their Leki Breeze Folding Chair for review.  Being able to test and review products and pass that information along allows us to pay it forward in a way that benefits everybody.

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