MHM Divide 55 Backpack

MHM Divide 55 backpack
MHM Divide 55 backpack

MHM is a relatively young company, the kind that is often known for bringing new, fresh ideas to the table, and this group of guys definitely does exactly that. In fact, the Divide 55 backpack has so many features that I have not seen on any other pack, I‘m sure I won‘t be able to cover all of them. MHM loaned me a Divide 55 backpack to test a few months ago. I have used this pack on some great trips, and will be saddened when it’s returned.

The MHM Divide 55 is not a minimalist ultralight backpack. If your idea of a great pack is a cuben fiber sack with a drawstring sewn onto a couple of webbing shoulder straps, the Divide 55 is not for you. The Divide is an extremely comfortable feature rich pack that offers a lot of flexibility in carrying and organizing your gear.

MHM Divide 55 backpack back panel

MHM has equipped the Divide 55 with their sYnc A.C.™suspension, an air channeled mesh back panel, the Slide n’ lock adjustable harness, and the VariCant™dualpivoting/fully adjustable hip belt. The torso length is easily adjustable and fits torsos from 16 to 24 inches. The hip belt fits waists from 29 to 40 inches. The comfort of this backpack is phenomenal. For my body, the hip belt locks on like some sort of self-adjusting clothing from the future. The shoulder straps are nice and padded. The back panel allows air to flow freely between the pack and the small of the back without placing the load too far away from the spine and causing the load to pull the user backward.

As I mentioned, the MHM Divide 55 is loaded with plenty of features. The backpack has an integrated dry sack for a sleeping bag built right into the bottom. Access to the main compartment of the pack can be made through a roll top closure at the top, or two long zippers along the side of the backpack can be used to totally lay the pack open for full access. A rainfly is not included with this pack since the sleeping bag can be placed in the provided dry storage, and the main material of the backpack uses water resistant fabric to keep the moisture out.

MHM Divide 55 backpack
MHM Divide 55 backpack

The Divide 55 has deployable trekking pole loops, deployable straps on the bottom of the pack, and even a deployable water bottle holder. The top lid is removable and will convert into a small day pack. The lid has a zippered moisture resistant pocket for even more protection, along with access zippers on the front and the back. Most backpacks provide access to one side or the other which either makes it easy for the wearer to access gear, or a friend to access the lid while the pack is being worn. You get the best of both worlds with this pack.

I can go on and on about unique ideas incorporated into this pack, including the best zipper pulls I have ever used. A friend of mine summed this backpack up best when he said, “Now that is a really cool backpack!” I agree. MHM offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products as well. The materials used in this backpack are plenty sturdy and should last for many years.

The comfort and convenience of the MHM Divide 55 comes at a price though. This backpack is a bit on the heavier side. Mine weighed roughly 5.7 pounds. The lid and other options can be removed to save a bit over 0.5 pound if desired. I think the weight of the pack is completely acceptable given everything it offers. I saw a YouTuber say in a video that there is no wrong way to go backpacking, and I agree with him. If this pack fits your needs, buy it. You will not be disappointed. You can also check an interesting article on EDC backpacks here.

MSRP for the MHM 55 is $339. Check out the MHM line at

– Mark

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