Moji Foot Pro – Kick Back, Put Your Feet Down

Moji got started around 2007, and they make some great pain relief and recovery products.  The Moji Foot Pro arrived at my house a few months ago, so I started using it to help with some foot pain.  I had never dealt with foot pain, but that changed about a year ago.

I switched from cycling to walking and jogging for my primary exercise, and somehow aggravated my feet while on the treadmill.  A pair of shoes a half size too small gave me a bit of plantar fasciitis that is still around today.  My wife, on the other hand, dealt with foot pain for years and ended up having surgery to get relief.  Both of us are using the Moji Foot Pro and have good things to say about it.

Moji Foot Pro
Moji Foot Pro

The Moji Foot Pro uses six stainless steel rolling spheres to deliver your massage.  Freely rotating spheres mounted in the base allow customization of the massage.  The center sphere is a bit higher than the five surrounding ones and that lets you really apply some deep pressure to tender spots.  Go for less pressure and move your feet across all six spheres for an all-around feel-good massage.  You can put the Moji Foot Pro in the freezer for a while to get an ice massage if you like.  Check out Moji‘s video for their description of the Foot Pro.

Another nice feature of the Foot Pro is that you can use it while sitting down.  The base has a rubber plate that holds the Foot Pro in place while you move your feet over it.  Me, my wife, and even the kids enjoy using it.  Once the massage starts, we have difficulty stopping because it feels really nice and the feet are limber and refreshed at the end.  Cleaning the Moji Foot Pro is easy using an alcohol wipe.

Moji Foot Pro, fresh from the freezer
Moji Foot Pro, fresh from the freezer

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The Moji Foot Pro weighs 1.25 pounds and measures 10 by 5 by 4 inches.  Moji offers a one year warranty from the date of purchase of the Foot Pro.  You can use the Foot Pro with or without socks but Moji says that socks are preferred.  In my case with multiple people using the Foot Pro, we wear socks.

The Moji Foot Pro retails for $39.99.  It took a session or two to figure my preferred way to use the Foot Pro but there really isn‘t a wrong way.  We all love the Moji Foot Pro and give it a thumbs up.  Check out Moji here for more great massage gear.


Thanks to Moji for sending the Foot Pro out for testing and review.  My feet and I are really happy they did.  I think you will like it too.

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