NEMO Disco Pad Pump

NEMO Disco pad pump
NEMO Disco pad pump

The NEMO Disco pad pump is a clever way to inflate your sleeping pad without puffing moist air from your lungs into the pad.  I started searching for an air pad inflator after using a pad with an integrated pump.  I wanted a lighter weight, more compact pad,and I didn‘t want to pump moist air from my lungs into it.

There are actually a few options available on the market.  Many of the products incorporate a large inflatable sack to trap air.  You then squeeze the bag to move the air into your pad.  Other designs do the same thing with a pillow sized inflation bag.  The NEMO Disco is a dedicated pump that is operated by compression with your hands.

NEMO lists the weight of the Disco at 2.2 ounces, and it packs down to roughly the size of a tennis ball.  I think the design is really ingenious.  A small inflation valve is located on the side of the pump at the bottom.  You need to inflate the outer shell of the disco with your lungs.  One breath is more than enough to do the job.  When inflated, the Disco looks like a mini snare drum.  A hole in the top is covered with your hands.  Air moves into the pump through this hole when the Disco is released and allowed to expand.  Compressing the Disco forces air through a hole in the side of the pump.  The inflation valve for your air pad needs to fit in this hole.  Of course NEMO pads will fit the Disco.  I have a Klymit pad that works fine as well.  Other brands may be compatible, but NEMO does not list any other brands that will work with the Disco.

NEMO Disco pad pump
NEMO Disco pad pump
I found the NEMO Disco to be easy to use once I got the hang of it.  Placing your hands on top to seal the intake hole is critical and took me a little while to get the placement right.  Without a good seal, much of the air inside the Disco will just move through the intake hole rather than into your air pad.  Once you figure out the best way to cover the hole, air is moved really efficiently.  A minor downside is that Inflation is not super fast since the Disco does not have a large air chamber.

The NEMO Disco does have some advantages over some of the different designs.  Since it is so small, using the Disco inside a tent is no problem.  It is very light and takes up no room in your backpack.  However, other products are designed to be used for multiple tasks.  Some can be used as pillows, or dry sacks for gear.  The Disco is a dedicated pad pump.

I paid about $25 dollars for my Disco at a local shop.  Prices ranging from 20 to 42 dollars can be found on the web, so be sure and look around for the best deal.  Overall, I like the pump and will be carrying it in my pack unless I am bringing a self inflating pad.

Check out the Disco at

– Mark

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