New This Year, GSI Outdoors Microlite Bottles

I really like GSI Outdoors products because they are high quality and not that expensive.  The GSI Outdoors Microlite bottles are just that.  I‘ve been testing the three sizes for a couple months now and I can‘t find anything to complain about.  These are my go to bottle for taking coffee to work now so I don‘t have to drink that weak brew my co-workers seem to like.

Construction and features

The GSI Outdoors Microlite bottles come in three sizes: 500, 720, and 1000 milliliters.  All of the bottles are made from 18/8 stainless steel, so nothing from the bottle is getting into your drink.  The walls are only 2 mm thick and that‘s thinner than most plastic water bottles.  All the bottles have a nice rubber pad on the bottom to prevent scratching anything.  I enjoy the soft quiet feel of placing the bottle down better than the harder clang of metal bottoms.

GSI Microlite Bottles
GSI Microlite Bottles

The lid seal on the GSI Outdoors Microlite bottles are fantastic.  I‘ve had nothing leak from these bottles and I tend to just put them in a pocket of my backpack.  They get tossed around with the pack and even the flip-top lid hasn‘t leaked.  In fact, the seal may be a little too good because the lids seal themselves onto the bottle with just a little cooling.  Some pressure is needed to break that seal and get the lid off.  Once, the lid popped off a bit suddenly, and a little coffee splashed out.  I‘d rather have that happen than get stains from leaky bottles.

The flip-top lid on my 500 ml bottle opens with a push of a button, and a spring-loaded hinge holds the lid up.  A locking tab slides up and down the keep the button from pressing accidentally.  The vent hole of the flip top works well, so drinking from the spout is easy.  The screw on lid of the 1000 ml bottle is held onto the body with a short strap and the 720 ml bottle has a fixed loop attached to its lid.  The screw on lids have a molded-in lug where the leash or loop attaches and that makes them easy to twist no matter the situation.  The bottles have different finishes but all grip easily and show no signs of wear so far.

Specs and function

500 Flip                                720 Twist                              1000 Twist

Weight                                 7.9 oz.                                  10.2 oz.                                 13 oz.

Hot/Cold time                      10/20 hrs                               12/24 hrs                               18/32 hrs

Price                                   $25.95                                   $28.95                                   $34.95

Final thoughts on the GSI Outdoors Microlite bottles

There are many vacuum bottles on the market these days and my family has tried a few of them.  Various troubles have popped up with many, including bad finishes, broken lids and even bottles that stop insulating.  I don‘t see any of these issues with the Microlite bottles.  GSI says the bottles are 1/3rd lighter and hold 25% more liquid than the same size traditional vacuum bottles.  Given the quality and price of these bottles, I think they are a great value and should last for a long time.  I like them a lot.  Check out GSI Outdoor‘s video on the Microlite bottles HERE and click HERE to visit the GSI Outdoors website.

I‘d like to thank GSI Outdoors for providing the Microlite Bottles for testing and review.  We at Industry Outsider live on budgets just like everyone else so being able to test these products allows us to pass along information that hopefully benefits everyone.

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