ODDLOT Labs Launches Swappable Adventure Packs


PORTLAND, OR (August 16, 2017) ‘” OddLot Labs is a Portland-based outdoor start-up that is on a quest to redefine the way we all think about backpacks. They’re pleased to announce the introduction of The Quiver. This is an ingenious and eco-friendly swappable adventure backpack system. The Quiver system, which includes the company‘s initial two pack models, debuted yesterday on Indiegogo.

The OddLot team was formed by three outdoors inspired gearheads who were sure that there was a better approach to backpack industry. As both outdoor adventurers and urban travelers, the team knew that buying one-off, unique, disparate and costly packs were inefficient. Not to mention frustrating and expensive too. From the beginning, their mission was to design long-lasting, efficient, affordable serious gear for un-serious people. Their groundbreaking backpack system, The Quiver, has been in the works for over two years.

The Bandit
The Bandit

The Quiver is based on a comfortable, independent frame. It is an intentionally-designed, purpose-built pack that swaps on and off the frame easily and securely. Every current and future pack design from OddLot will effortlessly fit the same ergonomic frame and shoulder straps. Thus making The Quiver an investment in quality, durability and a lifetime of memorable adventures.

“As people move seamlessly through life, we wanted a backpack that adjusted to each unique lifestyle, one that allowed the wearer to not have to compromise on features or quality while still providing easy access to all the essentials,” said Dana Buice, CEO of OddLot. “That‘s the challenge we are addressing with The Quiver and backpacks with swappable frames, and today we are proud to introduce just that on Indiegogo: our breakthrough, last carry system you‘ll ever need. We very much welcome the support, encouragement, and backing of passionate, adventure-minded individuals as we kick-off this important milestone in our business adventure.”

The Sidestep
The Sidestep

The Quiver being designed around a removable frame helps to ensure the pack is easily repaired and refurbished. This keeps the backpacks out of the landfill and on the trail. As a result, this allows OddLot to continue designing new packs that fit the frame. Which also saves material waste from the cutting room floor and allows their customers to experience new packs without having to shell out cash for a high-quality frame each time.

The Bandit is ideal for the daily grind, whether commuting by bike or train to the office or gym. The clamshell design makes it easy to organize everything you need for the day.

For the modern hiker, take a gaze at The Sidestep. It features zipper-free stretchy side pockets that are great for storing snacks or a cell phone.

OddLot is offering The Quiver as a set for $299. The Bandit w/frame for $219, and The Sidestep w/ frame for $189. Check out Indiegogo for Early bird discounts.

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I’ve gotten information from an email yesterday that ODDLOT Labs has already hit 85% of their goal on Indiegogo. Wow!

Ned Dragston

This is such an awesome concept. But I am concerned about weight when they start scaling up to useful backpacking size 45L.


I hear ya. I would like to see a larger pack myself. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of thier packs soon to get a solid review for our readers.


I think that one of the advantages of crowd-funding is your client base is more connected. This gives them the ability to solicit feedback, and make improvements for future products. It also mitigates some of the financial risks when coming out with a new iteration, as they already have a loyal client base, and they are giving them what they ask for.

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