The Original Konfidence Jacket – More Swimming, Less Floating

The Original Konfidence Jacket

With young children, sometimes the only barrier to success is a lack of confidence, and swimming is no exception.  The aptly named Original Konfidence Jacket is designed to bridge the gap between what kids think they can do and what they actually can do.  While not made to be a flotation device, the goal of the Konfidence jacket is to give kids a little bit of help without taking away their ability to learn how to swim properly (not just doggy paddle).   By also giving parents the ability to adjust the amount of flotation in the jacket, children are able to learn the basics and become more advanced swimmers all in the same jacket.

The idea behind the Original Konfidence Jacket is provide enough buoyancy to overcome fear while putting the wearer in a natural swimming position.  Basically, kids still have to do a bit of work to keep afloat while the vest tilts them forward in the water.  Then, once your child becomes more confident and better at swimming, simply follow the instructions printed on the inside of the vest to lower the assistance given by the jacket by removing some of the 8 floats until they are able to swim completely on their own.  To encase this great idea, Konfidence uses a neoprene shell around softer inner materials to not only keep little swimmers warm and comfortable, but also help prevent the jacket from riding up.  Finally, pulling it all together is a large zipper that is easy to use when wet.  There’s even a strap at the top to keep the slider in place during all of your watery adventures.

The Original Konfidence Jacket

My son and I were able to test out the Original Konfidence Jacket recently at our local waterpark, so we tried it in calm waters, slide exit pools, and in the wave pool.  Now, my little boy has had relatively little swimming experience and no formal instruction so far.  He has generally been respectfully cautious of water during his 3+ years.  So, when he wanted to go to the deeper sections of the pool and face waves all on his own after just a few trials of the Konfidence jacket, I could tell it was performing as promised.  He instantly had more confidence in the water and was willing to try things that he would want my help with before.  While he isn’t quite ready to start doing butterfly strokes yet (or any strokes for that matter), he was able to start adapting to a natural swimming position.  We also liked that it was a lot less slippery than other jackets we have tried, so I was able to give him a hand when he needed it without any hassle.  I haven’t needed to adjust the buoyancy for my son yet, but the instructions are very clear and the idea is logical enough that I have little concern.  Being fairly detail oriented, I also appreciated the quality construction that went into the Konfidence Jacket, as well as the extra effort they took to make the zipper as user friendly as possible.

Overall, the Original Konfidence Jacket is a great way to get kids into the water and learning how to swim without them feeling like they’ve been thrown in the deep end.  If you want your child to actually learn how to swim rather than just float there, it is certainly worth a try.  They also have Konfidence Jackets for older kids and even adults, plus a pretty good selection of colors and sizes.  Check out the Konfidence website to get one ordered or check out their other swimming products.

– David

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Original Konfidence Jacket for free from Konfidence, in consideration for review publication

The Original Konfidence Jacket
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