Outdoor Tech Tags Wireless Earbuds

Outdoor Tech Tags Wireless Earbuds

There is an almost indescribable “cool” factor about Outdoor Tech’s wearable wireless Tags earbuds. I have found myself wearing them more and more often because of how comfortable, useful, and convenient they are to have around all the time. The design on these is also pretty ingenious as they are meant to be worn like dog tags around your neck when they aren’t in use. In just the few seconds it takes to sync them to my phone I can listen to my music as well as make and receive hands-free calls.

Outdoor Tech makes the Tags with a rubberized finish that feels baby-bottom soft. The Tags have a 25-inch cord which are not unlike a those retainer straps you might use on your sunglasses. They offer Hi-Fi wireless audio and have a built-in mic. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for 5-6 hours of music or talk time. I used them for 5 hours and 40 minutes before the headset started beeping to let me know the battery was low on power. Outdoor Tech Tags will connect to any Bluetooth enabled device and have a range of up to 33 feet, which I also tested and got up to 38 feet before the audio started to cut out. The box includes a USB to Mini-USB charging cable, different size ear attachments, sport clips, and a carrying case. I found that the earbuds fit so well for me I didn’t need to use the sport clips even while doing intense activities.

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I’ve never been crazy for the sound quality that comes out of a pair of earbuds, but these deliver a pretty decent tone considering how small they are. I’ve taken the Tags outdoors several times now and have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom and comfort they provide. When you use wireless earbuds it’s hard to use a pair of wired ones ever again. Wired earbuds always find a way to get caught on your hand or on clothes all the time, and the weight of the cord can cause them to come loose from your ears, which can lead to a very frustrating experience and various profanities to fly from your mouth. I’ve been spared those experiences so far since wearing the Tags.

From all that Outdoor Tech offers with the Tags, their fit and dog tag style stand out to me the most, and sets them apart from the pack. You will find them at amazon.com or directly on outdoortechnology.com, along with a variety of their other innovative products.

– Josh

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Tags free from Outdoor Tech in consideration for review publication.

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