ParaKito Keeps Mosquitoes Away Naturally

ParaKito is keeping mosquitoes at bay using all natural ingredients.  For those of us who prefer to stay away from chemicals and their possible effects on us, we can take advantage of an alternative method.  ParaKito uses a blend of essential oils in various forms to guard against these annoying blood suckers.

ParaKito takes a two prong approach against these flying pests.  For long range protection, use ParaKito pellets either in a band or a clip-on.  The bands and clips hold a single pellet that lasts up to 15 days.  The pellets deter mosquitoes from picking up scent over longer distances.  The idea is to let the bugs fly by without knowing you are there.  The pellet has a pleasant lemony citronella smell and the 8 percent vanilla adds a bit of fragrance.

ParaKito Sport Band and Roll-on
ParaKito Sport Band and Roll-on

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I tested the Sport Band with good results.  The Sport Band is lightweight, has reflective accents, an ID tag, and it secures to your wrist or ankle with Velcro.  Other styles of bands are available to suit your taste or chosen activity.  If the band is not your style, check out the clip-on holders.

In infested areas, some mosquitoes are going to get close enough to see anyway, so the Roll-on Gel offers close range protection from those bugs.  The gel is applied to the neck, wrists, and ankles, because mosquitoes zero in on these areas.  Blood vessels are close to the skin in these spots, and mosquitoes can detect places for easy meals.

Just apply one stripe of the gel on the targeted spots to protect them for up to five hours.  The gel goes on easy, dries fairly quickly, and smells pleasant.  Once dry, I didn‘t even notice that I was wearing the roll-on.  There is no sticky feeling and the smell just blends in.

Both ParaKito products use citronella oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil, mint oil, clove oil, and peppermint oil.  The pellets add cinnamon oil and vanilla.  The gel adds some inert ingredients like water, glycerin and others.  Check out THIS video for some help with selecting which products you might want.

The ParaKito Sport Band sells for $19.98 and it comes with two pellets.  The Roll on Gel retails for $19.50 or $58.50 for a packet of three.  Replacement pellets cost $13.00 for two or $34.95 for six.  If you don‘t like exposing yourself to chemicals but still want rid of mosquitoes, check ParaKito out.  Click HERE to head over to their website.


Thanks to ParaKito for providing the repellent for testing and review.  I‘m going to enjoy being a little more bug-free.  We have to budget our cash around here just like everyone else and it is a real privilege to be able to pass along information on our testing.

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