Petzl Tikka+ Headlamp

Consider the Petzl Tikka+ if you are looking for a great headlamp for yourself or that special someone this holiday season. I am a big fan of headlamps. When the world is dark, and you have to get some work done, grab a headlamp. Having the light pointed at what you are looking at while both hands are free is a huge help. Everyone, from hikers to home owners, can use a good headlamp.

Fernand Petzl started making products for caving back in the 1930‘s and 40‘s. They invented their first mountaineering headlamp in 1973. The Petzl website states that their first LED headlamp was produced in 2000, so these guys have stood the test of time making excellent products.

Petzl uses their Constant Lighting Technology in the Petzl Tikka+. That means the headlamp maintains the same light output even as the batteries get drained. Once the batteries are nearly used up, the headlamp switches itself to a power conservation mode and the light is reduced to a lower level. When the batteries are nearly empty, the headlamp switches to the red LEDs to enable the headlamp to produce light for as long as possible.

Petzl Tikka+

The Petzl Tikka+ is able to produce a variety of beam patterns and light output. The headlamp has a setting for wider, lower lighting for close up work, a setting for brighter focused lighting for travel, a red light for night time use, a strobe setting for visibility and finally a Boost mode for brief access to a max power of 140 lumens. Everything is controlled by a single button that works well even while the user is wearing gloves.

Included with the Tikka+ is a removable headband that is washable. The mixed fabric elastic headband is designed for improved comfort and keeps the light in position for whatever activity you have in mind.

The Petzl Tikka+ weighs in at only 3 ounces and uses 3 AAA batteries which are included with the headlamp. The Tikka+ will produce light for 100 hours on low and 2 hours on the high setting.

I have found the Tikka+ for sale on the internet between $36 and $40. The headlamp comes in a variety of colors. For the money, this is a great light. Check out the Petzl Tikka+ here.

– Mark

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