Refueling Made Easy With The Revelate Designs Gas Tank

Revelate Designs Gas Tank

I‘m finally getting my set-up for Trans Iowa dialed in, and the Revelate Designs Gas Tank is playing a major role.  If there is one certainty to a race such as Trans Iowa, it‘s that one must eat… a lot.  Not only is having plenty of food vital, but keeping the food easily accessible and in-reach is important.

The Revelate Designs Gas Tank offers three major advantages for refueling on the go.  The first is its location.  Situated on the top tube at the intersection with the head tube, the Gas Tank checks off the requirement for keeping things in easy reach.  Not only are the items easy to get to, but the location of the bag means you can see exactly what you‘re grabbing.  No more guessing games as you feel around through jersey pockets hoping to find what you are wanting at the time.

The second main advantage of the Gas Tank is its size.  I have used other top-tube bags in the past for transporting gels and other small items, but the Revelate Designs bag is ready for bigger adventures.  The ample room provided by the Gas Tank ups the limits on what you can carry in this location.  However, should you want to fill it with gel packets, the Gas Tank can easily hold 15 of them.

My first ride with it was a 120 mile gravel training ride.  I had made it a goal to make sure I was taking in plenty of calories, and between what I could fit in the Gas Tank and the bananas and waffles in my jersey, I only had to reach into my frame bag once before our first stop 70 miles in.

Revelate Designs Gas Tank

Finally, the Revelate Designs Gas Tank offers ease of use.  The zippers can be opened with one hand leaving the other on the bars for stability.  Pull loops are designed such that even fingers covered by a heavy winter glove can grasp them.  A dual zipper system allows the bag to be opened fully revealing all items and allowing access to whatever is desired. While open, the deep pockets keep items from bouncing out.  These conveniences should not be underestimated.  The mind can do funny things out there on long rides.  Even with the clock and gut telling the brain to eat, I have found that I sometimes delayed eating because the course was such that it wasn‘t an opportune time to reach into my jersey or frame bag.  Even small postponements of calorie intakes can be hard to overcome later.  With the Gas Tank, this is not an issue.

For really big adventures, the Gas Tank is designed to be able to be used simultaneously with the Tangle Frame Bag.  The Velcro strap of the Gas Tank fits perfectly between those of the Tangle.  In addition, there is an excess of Velcro for wrapping around the spacer stack.  I found this to be quite useful for wrapping loosely and routing the hydration tube from the bladder stored in the Tangle.  This acted to hold the tube in place and keep it within reach.

The Revelate Designs Gas Tank is made to last with durable panels, a YKK water-resistant zipper, and heavy-duty stitching.  It‘s also made in the USA.  The Gas Tank is $55 and is available in black, slate, red, or digital camouflage.  Check it out at

– Alex (Steak Sauce)

Disclosure of Material Connection: I purchased the Revelate Designs Gas Tank from Relevate Designs at a discount, and am sharing my review because they make great gear.


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