Review: Lorpen Tri Layer Trail Running Socks

Lorpen Tri Layer Trail Running socks are designed to provide your foot with extra protection without slowing you down. Unlike traditional hiking socks which are mostly made from wool, these are made from both natural and synthetic fibers (36% Tencel, 35% Coolmax, 18% Nylon, 10% Lycra, and 1% Modal for the Light model) blended to help them move with your foot, wick away moisture, and provide maximum comfort.  By using the Lorpen Tri-Layer method of construction,  the different types of fibers are placed in the ideal layer to perform at their best.  The innermost layer wicks the moisture away from your foot; the second spreads it out in order for evaporation to occur more quickly; the third and final layer is designed to provide flexibility and strength to the sock, making them last longer.

True to the sport that they were designed for, the Lorpen Tri Layer Trail Running socks are an equal mix of features that have become favorites for both running and hiking.  Light cushioning at both the heel and the toe provides protection from the shock inherent in trail running.  Fibers that are lightweight and promote wicking are supplemented by a mesh section separating the toe and heel padding, helping cool off your feet where less support is needed.  Three different sizes, along with their LIFEFit design, make it easier to find the perfect fit for your foot, and help prevent the sock from bunching up.

During testing, we used the Lorpen Tri Layer Light Trail Running sock in running and hiking shoes, but also some casual and even dress shoes. We also did a bit of bike riding in them. A sock this comfortable deserves to be worn every day, as they provide support without being too hot, and comfort without being too bulky.  If you like the support of hiking socks but don’t like the bulk, these could be the perfect compromise.  Also, if you want your feet to stay cool and dry while you run, but require a bit more support, these might be your sole-mate.  The fit of the Trail Running socks is excellent, with no bunching or slipping, and the wicking ability is very good for such a thin sock.  We also appreciated the height, which was just high enough to keep your ankles from chafing with mid-height boots, but low enough that they can be worn with shorts without looking goofy.  The pattern and color combinations are also pretty cool. Although the Tri Layer design promises durability, we’ll have to see how they hold up over the long run.  Typically, thinner socks seem to have a shorter life when pressed into hard duty like running.

The Lorpen Tri Layer Trail Running sock is a great sock for trail running and cycling, but also has good utility as an every day choice for those that prefer a minimal sock (the Ultralight) or something with a bit of cushion (the Multisport).  Priced from $10.99 to $12.99, these are a good value for a high-quality sock.  Check them out at the Lorpen website, as well as the rest of their impressively large selection.  Also keep an eye out for an upcoming review of their Chillax lifestyle sock.

– David

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