Rheos Gear – Floating Sunglasses

A pair of floating sunglasses from Rheos Gear isn’t something I had thought about before. Now, I’m not sure how I ever lived without a pair.

I first came across Rheos Gear when I saw that they had started following me on one of my social media accounts. I went to their website to see what these floating sunglasses were all about. They immediately sparked my interest as I was getting ready to go on a cruise in the Caribbean. The last thing I wanted to do was lose my pair of sunglasses while soaking up the sun.

Of course, when I reached out to Rheos Gear, they sent me a pair of each model of floating sunglasses. I chose the Bahias in the clay color frame with the thermal lens coating for myself. My wife chose the Sapelos in the gunmetal colored frame with the purple lens coating. We both really enjoyed testing them out on our vacation. We received many compliments about how they looked, which was nice. And we could wear them out in the ocean while we were swimming, without having to worry about them sinking to the bottom.

Rheos Gear Bahias Clay frame and thermal lenses
Rheos Gear Bahias Clay frame and thermal lenses

Rheos Gear makes their sunglasses from a super lightweight TPX® material. This gives them a weight of 30% less than the typical polycarbonate sunglasses seen all over the market today. But just because they are lighter it doesn’t make them less tough. The specialized manufacturing process allows for a longer term of comfortable wear and the unique floating capability. Another added bonus on top of being floating sunglasses is that they are impact and scratch resistant. All four of those features combined typically puts a pair of sunglasses well over the 100 dollar price point, but not with Rheos. They MSRP at only $49.99 and ship free.

Rheos Gear Sapelos with gunmetal frame and purple lenses
Rheos Gear Sapelos with gunmetal frame and purple lenses

Find them on Amazon!

Before receiving my Rheos floating sunglasses, I wore a pair of polarized sunglasses that retailed around the 160 price mark. They were nice but had no nose cushion and were kind of bulky, not to mention they scratched quite easily. Rheos are impact resistant, and I have yet to get a single scratch. I’ve used these shades for things like mountain biking, running a weedeater, swimming, and lounging on the beach. I’ve been truly amazed with the durability of these floating sunglasses. They are so light you almost forget you’re wearing them, and the view is very sharp and crisp.

I really like that Rheos is a US-based company with roots around the Atlanta, Georgia area. And that they donate a portion of every sale to meaningful causes in several communities. I never thought I’d see a pair of sunglasses under 50 dollars that had the abilities of a $200+ pair. In the end, these are a super sweet pair of shades that I enjoy every time I put them on. Check out Rheosgear.com.

I‘d like to thank Rheos for sending out the Bahias and Sapelos floating sunglasses for review.  We at Industry Outsider have budgets just like everyone else.  Being able to pass along information on the gear we test lets us pay it forward and hopefully benefits everyone.


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