The Rollga Dynasty Foam Roller

Foam rollers are somewhat new to me.  Before the Rollga, I tried a foam roller that my mom bought, and I got interested.  The Rollga Dynasty arrived at my house last year and testing started.  After a bit of practice, I found the areas that I like to work.  Now, right off the bat, I need to say that I have no medical training whatsoever.  You need to research the use and benefits of foam rollers for yourself.  Consulting a doctor may not be a bad idea and there are plenty of posts from physical trainers and medical experts on the internet.


The Rollga Dynasty is the universal model and it is molded with a standard density royal blue EPP foam.  The foam of the roller is sealed with a proprietary heat-treatment, so it won‘t get funky on you.  Rollga makes this roller without harmful chemicals and the foam is 100% recyclable.

Rollga Dynasty Foam Roller
Rollga Dynasty Foam Roller


Rollga provides a lot of ways to learn how to best use their products.  A detailed user guide comes with the roller and it covers what to do and not do in your routine.  Rollga has an app that is free to download if you are in the techy crowd.  These guys maintain and regularly update a YouTube channel well.  If that‘s not enough, Rollga has a private Facebook page that you can join so you can post comments and questions.

Rollga Dynasty Foam Roller suggested uses
Rollga Dynasty Foam Roller suggested uses


The Rollga Dynasty comes with a carrying strap, so you can carry it with you easily.  Two elastic loops at each end of an adjustable carry strap slip over the ends of the roller and hold the carry strap in place.  The loops slip on and off easily and they securely hold the roller.

Rollga Dynasty Foam Roller with carrying strap
Rollga Dynasty Foam Roller with carrying strap

In Use

I use the Rollga Dynasty on my feet, neck, shoulders, and upper back.  The shape of the roller makes it easy to apply some pressure right where it is needed.  The foam is stiff and I‘ve been able to work out some knots with it.  Sitting at the desk while rolling my feet feels great and I just keep working away.

The Rollga Dynasty sells for $39.99 on the Rollga website.  These guys offer a 60-Day Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee.  I like using the Rollga Dynasty and it has helped with neck and shoulder strain that I get from my desk job.  Be sure to use the roller properly and consult someone if you are not sure if foam rolling is right for you.  Click HERE to check out the Rollga website.

I‘d like to thank Rollga for providing one of the Dynasty foam rollers for testing and review.  My feet and shoulders thank Rollga too.

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