Scorpion Bike Stands

The first time I laid eyes on the Scorpion Bike Stand holding up a brand new fat bike at my local bike shop, I knew I had to have it. I didn’t know the company who made it or how much it cost but I needed it.  Better yet, I knew we had to get one of these in my hands to share with our readers. No surprise, I love this bike stand!

Features: Compatible with most hollow bottom bracket mountain, road, and BMX bikes, the Scorpion Bike Stand assists any bike rider by allowing their bike to stand upright freely. Just insert the stinger with the adapter sleeve that fits best into the hollow end of your cranks. Now you can elevate the rear tire of the bike allowing the tire to spin freely. This is very handy for making drivetrain adjustments and washing a bike. The bike stand is advertised to support up to 50 pounds, and it feels like it would probably support even more.

Weight and Size: Scorpion Bike Stand’s website claims that the stand weighs 4 pounds. At that weight, it sure beats a bike shop-sized stand. Not to mention that with measuremenst of 12 x 12 x 16 inches, the Scorpion Bike Stand takes up less floor space too. Upon weighing the stand with my bathroom scale, I saw a weight of 4.6 lbs. However  I would just like to think that my stand has been built a little bit heavy to hold up to the many bikes that it will see in the future.

Scorpion Bike Stand

Durability: The Scorpion Bike Stand is built like a tank. It’s not going to bend or break, and it seems pretty resistant to wear. The welds look very well done too. The business end of the stand, called the stinger, is welded on the end with a very hard tube-like plastic covering the stinger. The plastic tube spins around the spindle with little to no drag and an automotive grade cotter pin and washer holds it in place.

Scorpion Bike Stand

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Final Thoughts:  I had been wanting to try one of these stands out for quite some time. I’ve used this stand at races, for trail-side parking lot repairs, and for maintenance in my home. With the adapter sleeves I can use the Scorpion Bike Stand on my mountain bike or cross-bike. No longer do I have to stand my bike upside down risking scratching up my carbon handlebars, or having my bike falling over while I’m working on it. Nor do I have to lean my bike up against my home or rock wall on my patio to wash it off, which has also been very nice. An added feature I have found if your bike is weighted right you can also elevate you front wheel. Even though the Scorpion Bike Stand I reviewed was one piece they do make a 2 piece collapsible stand. When I buy a second one I will probably go that route to take less space when traveling with the bikes. If you like to mix your color choices up a bit Scorpion Bike Stands also offers a variety of different colors. To find a dealer near you or to order you own Scorpion Bike Stand, click here.  Visit for more information.


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Like most of our readers, we have a limited budget for our gear, so I‘d like to thank Scorpion Bicycle Stands for providing their bike stand for review.  Being able to test and review products and pass that information along allows us to pay it forward in a way that benefits everybody.

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