Sea to Summit X Set 21 for Backcountry Cooking

The Sea to Summit X Set 21 is a full setup for solo backpacking.  A stove, utensils, and the food are just about the only other items you‘ll need to prepare meals in the woods.  I‘ve been enjoying this cookset for several weeks now and I really can‘t find much to complain about.  The pros of this setup are comfort, packability, and convenience.

The X Set 21 includes a 1.4 liter X Pot, an X Bowl and a 16.2 fluid ounce X Mug.  All three pieces use an accordion style collapsible sidewall.  The sidewalls pack up easily and when fully stowed, the mug, bowl, and pot look like thick Frisbees.  They all nest together inside the X Pot and form a disc about 1 ¼ inches thick by a little less than 7 ½ inches in diameter.  Two silicone handles fold and fasten the lid of the pot on top.  There‘s a little extra room inside the collapsed pot and I like to put a camp towel in to keep the mug and bowl from sliding.  A Sea to Summit X Brew will just barely fit in the package as well.  Look for an upcoming review on the X Brew.

Sea to Summit X Set 21
Sea to Summit X Set 21

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The 1.4 liter X Pot has an anodized aluminum bottom that distributes the heat.  A clear plastic lid fits on top and has a series of holes that can be used as a strainer.  Two flexible silicone handles stick out to the side and give good control of the pot for pouring.  Be sure to let the handles cool after cooking.  The handles get too hot to hold but they did not burn me.  A stainless steel ring is inside the rim of the pot adds rigidity to the silicone walls for easy lifting and stirring.  A flexible silicone tab makes a grab handle for the lid.  The tab seems pretty sturdy and is large enough to grab onto easily.  Fire should not lick the sides of the pot and there are other warnings.  Click HERE to see them.

The X Bowl has a food grade Nylon 66 base that can be used as a cutting board.  The bowl does not have the reinforcing ring at the top.  The bowl is good sized for cereal and easily holds a single serving dehydrated meal.  The X Mug is made from a solid piece of silicone and a nylon ring stiffens the top of the mug.  Measurements in cups and milliliters are molded into the side of the mug.  I really like this feature.  Some hikers are very good at guessing the amount of hot water needed for a meal but I‘m not one of those people.  The X Mug doesn‘t get as hot as metal backpacking cups so drinking hot coffee or cocoa is much nicer.  The X Mug and X Bowl nest perfectly inside the pot to create a compact, self-contained solo cook set.

On my scales, the Sea to Summit X Set 21 weighs in at about 14.8 ounces so it‘s not the lightest cookset out there.  If you are the type prefers to cook in a pot rather than a bag, this setup is definitely one to consider.  I cooked mashed potatoes for two and shared right out of the pot so that is handy.  Pack size is also a plus.  While the packed set is a bit larger in diameter, it is very thin.  Finding a spot in the backpack is pretty easy with this setup.

The Sea to Summit X Set 21 sells for $74.95.  I saw some great deals on the set just now so you can probably score a better price.  To sum it up, the pros of this set are the pack size, the comfort features, and the ability to share food from the X-Pot.  The only real con is that it is a bit heavier than some other setups.  Click HERE to browse over to the Sea to Summit website.


The Sea to Summit X Set 21 was provided by Sea to Summit for testing and review and I’d like to thank them for sending out the sample.   We at Industry Outsider have limited budgets and the ability to provide honest, useful information on gear hopefully benefits everybody.

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