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Sock Guy SGX

Sock Guy is in the business of producing one of life‘s luxuries for me. A great pair of socks feels so good on the feet. Take a nice pair of shoes, add a good insole, and finish the ensemble off with great, comfortable socks. Everyone has their own indulgences, and comfortable feet are one of mine. While wearing a great pair of socks, I tend to forget about whatever is on my mind and just think about how great my feet feel.

Sock Guy recently offered to send some socks for review, and I hit the jackpot. Besides the everyday socks that I wear, I also prefer specific socks for hiking and cycling. Luckily, Sock Guy makes a wide array of products to fill these needs. Features like the Stretch to Fit System ensure the sock will hug your feet, and with double stitched toes and heels, you know the socks are built to last.

Sock Guy Dragon

Add some pizazz to your bike kit with the Sock Guy Classic socks. These have the usual height cuff for cycling socks and feature a Cool Mesh Upper for great ventilation. Some new designs include Dragon, Lines, and Jester. These are just a few of the offerings in this line.

Sock Guy Performance Crew socks make great everyday socks and offer a taller cuff if that is your style. The USA Flag and Party Animal designs add some flair and also feature a Cool Mesh Upper for times when you want to be active.

The SGX line from Sock Guy features an exclusive Elite Performance Formula material, which is a blend of polypropylene, nylon and spandex. The SGX socks use a compression ribbing cuff that helps prevent fatigue by increasing blood flow. A mesh upper provides great ventilation, and a snug arch support hugs the foot for comfort and virtually zero-slip.

Sock Guy USA Flag

Sock Guy also sent a black pair of their Turbo Wool socks which use a blend of merino wool and polypropylene. This blend provides an ultra-wicking, itch free sock that Sock Guy says is 5 times stronger and more durable than merino wool alone. The Turbo Wool socks are going to make a great light to mid-weight hiking sock for me and work great for dress socks too.

These are just a few of the offerings that Sock Guy provides. I have tried out all of these socks, and I can assure you that they feel great on the feet and deliver superior performance. My wife and kids have already laid claim to several pairs including the Party Animal crew. Of course I am happy to be able to share with everyone in the house, but I plan to hide away a few pairs just for me. Don‘t tell.

Check out to see the whole line of quality socks that Sock Guy offers. Buy some luxury socks for yourself if you haven‘t tried some. Go ahead and spoil yourself a little.

– Mark

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