Strike Enhanced Grip Module for P365 FCUs Now Available

Strike Industries just announced that their new Strike Enhanced Grip Module for P365 FCUs is available and is being shipped out. All pre-orders have been fulfilled.

Compatibility FAQs:

  • Pre-existing holsters: Some may fit with a weapon-mounted light. SI is working with Hilliker Holster for custom options.
  • Manual safety FCUs: Yes, the grip has marked cut-out areas for modification (Dremel, file) to accommodate a manual safety.
  • CA model compatibility: Yes, the manual safety FCU model and CA model (with mag disconnect) are compatible, but require modification.
  • 10rd magazine compatibility: Yes, the P365X/XL 10rd magazine fits flush.
  • XL grip: Yes, this is based on the Sig “X/XL” style grip.
  • Future plans: Yes, XL or Macro versions and P320 grips are planned. This grip module also accepts XMacro and XMacro Tac Ops slides with a perfect dust cover fit.
  • Flush-fitting magazines: The P365X/XL 10-round magazine and 12-round magazines with specific Sig base extensions fit flush. 15-round and 17-round magazines will protrude.
  • Compatible lights: Only SureFire XSC-B and Olight PL Mini 2 (“Valkyrie” and “Baldr”) are confirmed to fit. Streamlight TLR-7A/7X may not fit reliably.
  • .380 FCU compatibility: Yes, this should work with .380 P365 FCUs. Acquire the correct recoil spring, barrel, and magazine for your caliber. Some 12r round .380 P365 magazines are pinned to 10rds for capacity restrictions.

Here’s a short video about it:


Currently, these grip modules are available in both Blackline and FDEline. In the photo below, the left one is the Blackline model with a flush 12-round magazine. On the right is a P365 in FDEline with a 15-round magazine. The FDE setup also includes a Strike MRDS optic plate adapter.

Strike Enhanced Grip Module for P365 FCUs.
Strike Enhanced Grip Module for P365 FCUs.


Please note:

Worried about compatibility with manual safety FCUs? Don’t sweat it. It’s already built into every P365 Strike Enhanced Grip Module. However, this requires modification and some fitment may be required. The cut-out areas are marked and outlined as a guide. Depending on the generation of FCU, the safety cut-out area may need to be larger than the guideline provided.

Safety cutout on the Strike Enhanced Grip Module for P365 FCUs.
Safety cutout on the Strike Enhanced Grip Module for P365 FCUs.


Here’s a pistol with Holosun 507C X2 ACSS mounted. Using the Strike Industries MRDS Adapter Plate you can choose from over 30+ red dot sights.

Strike Industries MRDS Adapter Plate.
Strike Industries MRDS Adapter Plate.


Want to go full Strike Industries with your Sig P365?

The Strike LITESlide for P365 is also available in Blackline and FDEline. They feature forward serrations, ported windows for those who want to run ported barrels, and a mini charging handle on both sides towards the rear. This can help with the ease of racking your slide.

Strike LITESlide for P365.
Strike LITESlide for P365.

As long as you’re getting the slide, pick up a barrel too:

Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Check out the Strike Barrel for Strike P365 with its flutes and crowned tip. A black nitride is used for durability and good looks.

Strike Barrel for Strike P365.
Strike Barrel for Strike P365.


Find them all on the Strike Industries website.

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