The KASK Mojito – A Very Tasty Helmet

When I received word that a KASK Mojito helmet was on its way for review, I was pretty excited.  KASK makes a great product and I was glad for the chance to try one of their helmets.  My big head measures 24 inches around and so I asked for the large in white.  I like white for the visibility and I think white helmets are a bit cooler temperature wise.  There are other great high visibility colors available, but white is a good all-around color for me.

KASK Mojito
KASK Mojito

Out of the box, the KASK Mojito weighed 304 grams.  The literature says the medium weighs in at 220 grams.  No weight is listed for the large.  The helmet has 26 vents for airflow and has a very nice eco-leather (non-allergenic, imitation leather) chin strap that reduces skin irritation.  Padding inside the helmet is superb.  The padding is treated with an antibacterial and antimicrobial process.  There are two light reflecting elements on the back of the helmet and they do work really well.  I‘ll take any visibility enhancement I can get and I like this touch.

KASK Mojito Up 'N Down system
KASK Mojito Up ‘N Down system

KASK says the Mojito in large will fit a noggin between 23 3/8 and 24 1/2 inches, and I think it fits my head better than any helmet I have owned to date.  This could be because my 24 inch head is near the upper end of the size spectrum, I‘m not sure, but I like the way the helmet fits.  My head is more oval rather than round.  Side to side motion is very minimal and the Up ‘N Down system snugs the Mojito up very nicely.  The helmet will stay on my head even without the chin strap fastened, but you should never use it without the buckle being fastened of course.  The KASK Mojito actually requires a little fiddling to take it off if the Up ‘N Down system adjustment is snug.  The helmet stays in place really well.

KASK Mojito
KASK Mojito

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As far as fit goes, there are two or three areas where the KASK Mojito could be improved.  First, the eco-leather chin pad almost ran out of length for me.  There is enough adjustment, but I am at the limit.  Second, the straps around the ears are almost too short.  There is no adjustment of the straps around the ears.  I have to say I have hardly ever adjusted this on a helmet and so I don‘t think the adjustment is necessary.  The lobes of my ears touch the straps, but again, they are barely long enough.  Third, the ear pieces of my glasses interfere with the Up ‘N Down system at the rear of the helmet.  With the ear pieces inside the adjuster, I feel a little bit of pressure over the ears.  With them outside the helmet parts, the glasses are held too far off of my head.  I ended up wearing the glasses with the ear pieces inside the adjustment and wasn‘t bothered too much.  This didn‘t seem to affect the fit and this wouldn‘t be a deal breaker for me.

The KASK Mojito meets safety requirements set by the CPSC.  The helmet is made using KASK‘s In Molding technology which means that a lot of the outside of the helmet is covered with a polycarbonate layer.  Combined with the Up ‘N Down system, this helmet should offer plenty of protection from a hard knock.

To sum it up, the KASK Mojito is a very nice helmet.  Cliché© phrases like “The helmet disappears on my head” definitely apply here.  The helmet is light and well ventilated.  The chin strap, Up ‘N Down system, nice padding, reflective strips and the sexy Italian styling set this helmet apart from the crowd.  I hope to never use this helmet for its intended purpose of protecting my noggin, and plan to be wearing it for months to come.  MSRP is $199.95.

– Mark

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the KASK Mojito free from KASK, in consideration for review publication

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The glasses go outside the helmet strap…


Is that a rule?


Very nice review Mark! It does look like a very nice helmet, I like the styling on the rear.

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