Static V Junior by Klymit

The Klymit Static V Junior is the latest variation of the Static V series of sleeping pads. Klymit is a well-known maker of outdoor gear and the Static V design is already proven itself. I‘ve bought at least one and tested more of the Static V sleeping pads and I like them a lot. Klymit started with the original Static V and modified it to create an Insulated Static V, a super-sized Static V Luxe, and more. They have now gone the opposite direction to make a smaller, lighter Static V for smaller campers or those who want to shave every ounce from their pack by using a ¾ sized sleeping pad.

The Static V Junior will weigh in at 13 ounces or 368 grams. The pad will be 50.4 by 23 inches. An R value of 1.3 will be provided by 2.5 inches of thickness. Klymit says the pad will inflate with six to twelve breaths. The Static V Junior will come with a stuff sack and patch kit as is standard with all Klymit sleeping pads.

Static V Junior by Klymit
Static V Junior by Klymit

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Klymit‘s Static V sleeping pads use their body mapping technology and v-chamber design. I have used the Static V pads sleeping in both tents and hammocks. On the ground, the pads have enough thickness to keep you away from lumps in the ground. I move around plenty during the night and have been able to get comfortable sleeping on my side and back. The Static V pads work well in hammocks also. Many sleeping pads seem to squirt out from underneath the sleeper on the slick fabrics used in many hammocks, but the v chambers of the Static V seem to bend with the shape of the hammock and the pads stay in place. I move around in the hammock as well and the Static V pads kept me warm.

The Klymit Static V Junior will be available for purchase in March of 2016. The MSRP will be $49.95. Click here to visit the Klymit website, and remember to check back in March for the Static V Junior.

– Mark

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