The nüüd iPad Case – It‘s Not Just Ride-Proof, It‘s LifeProof

Whether you are a recreational cyclist, a commuter, or a hardcore racer, we all share some common bonds and enemies. The love of the trail or the open road is one such bond. However, it‘s not always green fields and blue skies out there. All of us know what it‘s like when the weather throws us a curve ball.  Dealing with the elements is just a normal part of what we do.

Even with poor clothing choices and the hardest rain, we‘ll eventually dry out.That‘s not necessarily the case with our electronic gizmos that are along for the ride.  I used to “protect” my cell phone by putting it in a Ziploc baggy. This was not the best or the most foolproof method, especially as it relied on me remembering to pack the baggy with me should I be starting the ride from somewhere besides home. Then I discovered the LifeProof case for my iPhone. The LifeProof case means my phone‘s always ready to roll, stays dry no matter how hard the rain, and survives falls without injury. I wish there was a LifeProof case for me. Though that is not something LifeProof makes yet, they do make more than just the iPhone case. LifeProof also provides similar protection for the iPad, which they provided for this review when I spoke with them at Interbike 2012.

I‘ve only been an iPad owner for a few months, but it‘s already something I hate leaving the house without. This means on my morning and afternoon commutes it‘s getting stuffed in a backpack or my trunk-bag. And it also goes in one of those two places for the rides to the coffee shop or bakery.The fact that my iPad is now riding with me means it needs a case that is water resistant while protecting it from drops, especially as it is being taken out of my bags with sweaty hands.The LifeProof nüüd case makes it both. That‘s not necessarily unique to the LifeProof case, however. Go into any big electronics store and you‘ll be overwhelmed by the array of cases and covers for the iPad. I know. I recently was.  I spent at least 2 hours over the course of 4 trips trying to find one that does it all. Many of the cases had a few nice features, but none was the complete package I was looking for; none except LifeProof.

What is it about the nüüd that makes it so? Yes, it is shockproof and rated to withstand drops from up to four feet. Yes, it is waterproof and submersible for up to 30 minutes in 6.6 feet of water. Yes, it not only seals the iPad from water but also from dust, snow, sand, mud, coffee, tea, soda, cornmeal, flour, sugar, shredded cheese…well, you get the idea. But what really sets the LifeProof nüüd apart from all others is that it provides all of this protection without detracting from the functionality and beauty of the iPad. Apple has gone to great lengths to provide a very responsive touchscreen and the most stunning display out there. So do you really want to protect this device at the cost of a plastic screen protector that diminishes both the tactile response and the retina display? With LifeProof, you don‘t have to make this decision. The nüüd seals the iPad while leaving the screen uncovered.  LifeProof calls it “naked screen technology.”  I call it awesome!  And I call the screen protectors on other designs the reason I have taken two of them back for a refund.

If you do want a little extra protection for your screen as it travels in bags stuffed with other items or while it is around things that could potentially impact it, add the supplemental screen cover which doubles as a multi-angle stand. This is promised to be the first of several accessories available for the nüüd. Keep checking LifeProof‘s site for others.

Now is usually the place where I would insert my closing paragraph, add a few pictures, and call it good. But I just didn‘t feel right about recommending this product without putting it to the test using my own personal iPad. The video below is actual footage of my LifeProof nüüd tests.

As you can see, the nüüd takes the iPad far beyond water resistance. It allows it to be fully submerged. So have no fear if your commute catches you out in a rainstorm. Also, erase the fears of your iPad slipping through your fingers as you pack it our remove it from your bag. The LifeProof has your back.  Live your life, enjoy the ride, and don‘t worry about your iPad.  LifeProof already has.

– Alex (Steak Sauce)

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