True Pint by Hydro Flask – Bottoms Up!

Hydro Flask True Pint
Hydro Flask True Pint

Hydro Flask recently released their True Pint, and sent one my way to review. After testing it out for a few months, I believe that I have stumbled upon the Holy Grail of beer pint glasses. Modeled after the classic American pint glass, a beer lover is sure to enjoy their favorite brew down to the last drop while drinking out of the True Pint.

At first, the Hydro Flask designers were looking at all sorts of glassware found in pubs and taverns worldwide to get a good idea of what goes into the perfect pint glass. But, as mentioned earlier, they soon came back to their roots with the US glass pint shape. This vacuum insulated pint glass brings to your lips a very smooth and familiar feeling. Inside of the True Pint glass, you will see an angled step to assist with pouring a perfect beer, but also to help bring out the aroma and flavors of your beer as you drink it. Intended to hold 16 oz of liquid, and made of food-grade stainless steel, the double wall vacuum design will make sure your beer never reaches room temperature.

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You're Thirsty Now
You’re Thirsty Now

Upon testing this glass, the first thing I did was fill it up with ice cold water and set it on my desk. I was quite surprised at how the water was still very cold after 9 hours!  Taking the True Pint home for testing, my beer of choice was very nice on the nose with no metal taste at all. The finish on the outside of the glass feels pretty smooth, with just the right amount of texture to keep the True Pint from slipping out of your hands. No longer will your beer be heated by warm hands or a hot atmosphere. To say that this glass is awesome would be an understatement, the True Pint by Hydro Flask is epic!

Hydro Flask is quite proud of it’s products being BPA-free and 100% recyclable, and they have every right to be. Even the protective packaging that I received the glass in is recyclable. What really drives me to love this company is their lifetime warranty. Not only is Hydro Flask an eco-friendly company, but they also donate 5% of their net profit to 12 different non-profit organizations. The MSRP of $21.99 might scare a few buyers away for just being a single pint glass. However, the “True Pint” will last forever and is built to last. With a lifetime warranty you can buy knowing that you will never have to drink a warm pint at home ever again.

For more info on Hydro Flask and their products, please visit


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My favorite pint glass ever!!!

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