Tune Belt Sport Armband

Tune Belt Sport Armband
Tune Belt Sport Armband

Cells phones have become an integral part of most physical activities, either for specific apps, or just music, and keeping them safe and secure during those activities is what Tune Belt does best. Whether cycling, jogging, hiking, or spelunking, Tune Belt makes a product for your device and sport.

Beginning from the desire to listen to music while outdoors, Tune Belt, Inc. happens to be the original creator of portable electronic device carriers made from neoprene. Richard Wagner is Tune Belt’s founder and president, and in 1983 while climbing with a friend, he discovered the solution to the challenge of making his music device portable and secure. The friend he was climbing with was using a neoprene strap to hold his sunglasses on. Richard could see the many versatile uses of this material. It was shortly after that Tune Belt began to design and manufacture sport belts made from this material. They have continued to innovate their products to meet an ever-changing world of portable music players since then, and along the way have listened to their costumers so as to provide them with products that have the best features.

Tune Belt Sport Armband
Tune Belt Sport Armband

As I personally don’t want my attention to be on anything other than enjoying the activity at hand, so this seemed like the perfect item to test. Tune Belt’s products are comfortable, reliable, and easy to use. I happen to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and reviewed the Sport Armband that fits it, but regardless of what your device of choice is, chances are Tune Belt has a product to meet your needs. Their Sport Armbands are made from neoprene, the same material used in making wet suits, and it is delightfully comfortable, lightweight, and will stretch well, allowing it to hug your body and securely hold your device.

I’d like to mention some of the features of their Sport Armband, such as the extender that is available. I have a 13-14 inch arm and even wore a light jacket without needing the extender, but having that as an option is convenient, should you ever need it. The arm band without the extender will fit anywhere from 9″ to 17″. Their arm bands also come with a cord control and storage flap to keep extra lengths of cord from snagging on anything. And like most arm bands, it has a clear protective window that allows touch controls to be accessed while protecting your device from the elements and scratches. If you use a case on your phone, Tune Belt makes arm bands to fit phones that have cases so you don’t have to take your case off every time you use it.

While using the sport belt I was surprised by just how comfortable it was to wear. I almost forgot it was there after a while. When jogging, it stayed on my arm without slipping or sagging, and my device didn’t move at all. I really appreciated the design of the pocket on the Tune Belt and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. It meets all my needs and I have thoroughly enjoyed using the product. tunebelt.com

– Josh

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Tune Belt Sport Armband for free from Tune Belt, in consideration for review publication

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I have one of these as well and originally bought it for my Droid Razr. It works great and is very comfortable. I have yet to try it out on my Samsung S4 but I can imagine it will work great.

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