WiseCracker Bottle Openers – Stocking Stuffer Alert!

Wisecracker Twinduro

With the holiday season arriving ever so soon, we like to help out our fellow outdoor enthusiasts with gift ideas by sharing items that we would want ourselves. Beer and bikes tend to go hand in hand, and the WiseCracker bottle openers fill a void in the accessories department where most bicycles are lacking.

Mike Ahrens, a custom bicycle frame builder out of San Jose, CA, started building and designing these bike-mounted bottle openers as a joke back in 2006. Little did he know at the time that his WiseCracker bottle openers would have such a huge demand. Soon enough, he turned his joke into a profitable business and created WiseCracker LTD. The first designs of the opener, the WC Seat Post, were designed to fit on the seat post only and double as a leash anchor for your trail dog. Eventually Mike decided to start offering the WC Lite bottle opener which is also a headset spacer. Mike claims that when the WC Lite sits below the handlebars, it is a constant reminder of the nice cold beverage awaiting you after a long, hot ride. With the introduction of the WC Lite, the products really started to take off. WiseCracker LTD is currently selling in all 50 states, 25 countries, and across 5 continents. Made in the USA and primarily in the San Jose area, options have expanded from the original aluminum products. Customers can now also choose from stainless steel and titanium, along with multiple colors and finishes. They even offer custom laser engraving.

Wisecracker Bottle Openers

For our review, I received openers in every material offered and a few different finishes. At first glance, the quality of finish, durability of the opener, and attention to detail really caught my eye. Showing WiseCracker’s products to my mountain biking friends, colleagues, and even my bike mechanic, they all agree the WC Seatpost & WC Lite is a must have. I have personally installed the WC Seat Post opener and Twinduro (a double bottle opener that allows you to open two beers at a time). The simplicity of these openers is great. There were no issues at all opening up my bottle, just a smooth and easy process every time.

Offering a WC Lite engraved with “More Beers Than Gears” for the single speeders, it’s sure to bring a smile or laugh to you and your friends. WiseCracker’s openers are reasonably priced from $15-$28 in their standard models.Not bad for being made in the USA. With the ease of use and usefulness you’ll want to use it every ride! Order a WiseCracker for you or your friends this holiday season or for yourself at WiseCracker.com.

For more information regarding WiseCracker and their products please visit http://wisecrackerltd.com/

– Ryan

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the WC bottle openers for free from WiseCracker LTD in consideration for review publication.

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