Wolf Tooth Components Drop Stop Chain Ring

Wolf Tooth Components Drop Stop Chain Ring

It seems like these days everyone is ditching the double and triple chain rings and front derailleurs on their mountain bikes for the ever so popular 1-by setup. Most likely started by SRAM‘s XX1 setup that everyone drools over, but the price point is sky high. Meeting the 1-by demand at a lower price, Wolf Tooth Components from Minneapolis, Minnesota provides their Drop Stop Chain Ring to the average Joe at prices they can afford.

These chain rings all feature the Drop Stop tooth design, and are made from 7075 aluminum.  Offered in various bolt circle diameters including the common 104, you can choose your chain ring in the standard black or mix it up by going with some color. Wolf Tooth Components suggests you use a 10 or 11 speed chain after installing Drop Stop Chain Ring on your rig.  I chose the anodized red but had the options of anodized blue or green as well. The 30 tooth chain ring has a 48mm chain line while all other Wolf Tooth Components feature a 50mm chain line on the 104 bcd rings.

Wolf Tooth Components Drop Stop Chain Ring

Unlike Snoop Dogg, the Wolf Tooth Components Drop Stop Chain Ring does not “drop it like it‘s hot.” In fact, over the several months I have been reviewing this chain ring, the only time a chain was dropped was due to myself falling head first off a skills park teeter totter. No matter what terrain I threw at Wolf Tooth‘s chain ring it performed flawlessly. The bike I chose to test is my 26 inch Sette` Reken. It’s set up with a Wolf Tooth Component 34 tooth 104 bcd chain ring and a 9 speed chain with a SRAM x7 long cage derailleur. Wolf Tooth does mention on their website that you should plan to run a 10 speed chain in this situation due to the chain fitting too loosely on the ring. Some online forums debate that while running this ring that a person should run a type 2 clutch type derailleur. I see no need for this in my current situation as the chain stays put very well. A minor complaint is that you will have to buy new chain ring bolts. However, Wolf Tooth Components provide these on their website and even tell you what size you will need depending on the chain ring size that you order.

The bottom line is, the Wolf Tooth Components Drop Stop Chain Ring is a great product that is made in good old USA by guys and gals that love to ride their bikes just as much as you and I. So if you plan on taking your bike to the 1-by side and want a quality chain ring to get the job done, look no further than Wolf Tooth Components. The retail price of Drop Stop Chain Rings are $68.00 and up. Check out Drop Stop Chain Rings and other great products at www.wolftoothcycling.com

– Ryan

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Wolf Tooth Components Drop Stop Chain Ring for free from Wolf Tooth Components in consideration for review publication.

Wolf Tooth Components Drop Stop Chain Ring
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